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Valentine's Photo Cards

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Classroom Valentine's

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Valentine's Day gifts

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Valentine's Day gifts

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Personalized Christmas Cards & Stationery


Minted is here to alleviate the stress of going into a store to search for boxed greeting cards or fuss with self-serve printing stations. Let Minted serve as your online one-stop-shop for personalized Christmas cards featuring unique designs submitted by independent artists from around the world. Holiday season is the best time to spread joy and happiness through personalized photo cards featuring your family’s smiling faces, custom text, and season’s greetings that are straight from your heart. When creating cards with Minted, think of it as creating the best thing short of a hug in an unconventional holiday season – a hug you can’t wait to drop in the mail!

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Minted works with a growing, diverse group of independent artists from around the world to create the most stylish and unique greeting cards available online. As part of Minted’s online crowdsourcing model, these independent artists submit their work with the potential to be included in our holiday design assortment and have their card sold on our site. This year, over 6,000 original card designs were submitted and voted upon to determine what our 2022 assortment of Christmas cards online would look like. Whether you’re looking for a vintage hand-drawn design or a more religious-themed feel, there are so many one-of-a-kind styles to choose from that we know you’ll find the look that matches your persona and helps you deliver warm wishes to your loved ones.


Whether you’re creating Hanukkah, New Year’s, or Christmas cards online, personalized mail and gifts always bring a special smile to the recipient’s face and stand out on the mantel. Through Minted you’re able to select unique artistic designs submitted by independent artists and add your own personal style and touch. Just take a look at the creative freedoms we provide when styling your photo cards.

  • Pick a card size: As a first step, select the size of the Christmas stationery you wish to send. Card options range from postcards to classic or grand sizes. Our more unique sizing options include ornaments, Booklettes™, and our all-in-one options. Select a sizing that feels right to you.
  • Pick a format: You can opt for a flat card or fold-over. With flat cards, we allow you to customize both sides to your heart’s content! Feature even additional family photos on the back. This is the beauty of personalization. With our fold-over cards, you double the number of surfaces, with four panes you can potentially edit. Customize as you see fit!
  • Pick your silhouette styling: Further alter the look of your personalized Christmas cards by selecting the shape you want your card edges cut. Choose from straight edges, rounded corners, waved edges, and other unique looks.
  • Pick a paper quality: Depending on the card you select, you’ll have an assortment of paper options to pick from like Smooth Signature, Signature, Recycled, Thick, Double Thick, Triple Thick, and Pearlescent. Each paper thickness and finish helps yield a different appearance.
  • Select a color theme: When viewing our Christmas cards online, click through the numerous color themes available for each design and see your card instantly transformed to shades of blue, green, red, and the like. Cards that include foil elements will often allow you to select a foil color option as well. Choose from festive red and green foil this year.
  • Customize content: Make the card uniquely yours by adding your own photos, text, and greetings through Minted’s easy-to-use online personalization platform.
  • Add foil text: Has a foil design caught your eye with its dramatic sparkle? Know that you have the freedom to change the foil color to appear in gold, silver, rose gold, glittery gold, and other impressive foil selections.
  • Select an envelope color: