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Turn your wedding vows or your favorite poem into beautifully unique art. You provide us with the words and a font of your choosing, and we’ll create a custom piece with a handcrafted look and feel. Available in standard, foil-pressed, or letterpress printing.

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Your Vows as a Foil Art Print

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Our Vows

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Your Vows as a Letterpress Art Print

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Foil-Pressed Custom Quotes Art Print

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Custom Quotes Art Print

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Your Vows as an Art Print

featuring your wedding vows

Custom Quotes

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How It Works:


Select a Style & Frame

Custom vows and poem art is available in standard, foil-pressed, or letterpress printing with our assortment of colors and classic and specialty frames.


Give us the text

Provide us with the right words by copying your wedding vows or favorite poem into the text box, and choose your font.


Review your proof

Our Design Associates will create a custom piece that shows off these wonderful words. They will send a digital proof for you to review so you can see exactly how your custom art will be printed.


Enjoy your new art

Find the perfect place on your wall or delight a loved one with this meaningful, personal gift.

Minted’s Framed Wedding Vow Art


Wedding vows are the part of the ceremony that reminds all guests why they are there - to celebrate the love a couple has for one another and the dedication to the commitment they are about to make. These words represent the aspirations a couple has for their future relationship, and a promise to remember to work towards these goals. Why not choose to have your wedding vows framed, as a constant reminder of your dedication to each other? After all, the reciting of vows is often the most touching time of the ceremony, both for the guests and the couple themselves. These words will be forever sentimental to the couple.

Bring your vows into your home by commemorating them as a framed art print. Honor these special words, this motto of the couple’s love, by preserving them through a beautiful framed art print. Minted’s personalized wedding vow art will be a treasured keepsake that will remind a married couple of their special day, and a reminder of their love and commitment to one another. Either transform a typed version of their vows into a beautiful hand-scripted looking piece, or transform the actual hand-written vows into an art print.


Minted offers multiple printing formats to help you transform these special words into a unique keepsake. Each option is available in a variety of colorways and framing options so you can customize and achieve your desired aesthetic.

Provide us with the text of the vows and a font of your choosing, and we’ll create a custom piece with a handcrafted look and feel. One of our dedicated designers will edit the alignment of the text to appear more handwritten. You will receive a free digital proof for your review before the piece is printed, and you will be able to request edits if needed.

Choose between one of the three following printing formats:

  • Foil-pressed framed art print: Transform wedding vows into a beautiful and customized piece of foil-pressed artwork. Once we have finalized your text design, we will hand-press the vows with real gold, silver, or rose gold foil. We traditionally print on a matte white paper, but we now offer a dark navy paper option for a high contrast and modern look. Our foil-pressed wedding vows are available in sizes 5” x 7”, 8” x 8”, 8” x 10”, 11” x 11”, and 11” x 14”. Pricing starts at $95 unframed or $104 framed for a 5” x 7”.
  • Letterpressed framed art print: Our letterpress option is a popular and traditional format. Each custom wedding vow art design is letterpressed on a high-quality matte paper, resulting in a beautifully tactile impression. We have 20 unique letterpress color options, ranging from neutral shades to vibrant and bright hues. We also offer a handful of true neon options. Our letterpress wedding vows are offered in sizes 5” x 7”, 8” x 8”, 8” x 10”, 11” x 11”, and 11” x 14”. Pricing starts at $82 unframed or $102 framed for a 5” x 7”.
  • Standard framed art print: In this classic option, we offer our widest variety of color options and sizes. We have 25 unique colors to select from to match any decor or aesthetic. You could even arrange to have your vows printed in your wedding colors! Our standard framed prints are available in eight sizes, ranging from 5”x 7” to 18” x 24”. As our most affordable printing option, you can place an order starting at $32 unframed or $41 framed for a 5” x 7”.


All of our custom wedding vow prints can be framed with one of our 17 unique framing options. We offer a line of high-quality wood frames handcrafted in Italy from the finest milled wood for a clean and classic look. We offer a collection of narrow metal frames for a modern and streamlined look. One of our newest frame choices is a beautiful gilded wood frame, shaped with a beveled edge and finished in gold. In addition to our 17 framing options, we also offer an unframed print option incase you have specific frames of your own you’d like to use. Learn more about all of our custom framing options we provide.

Each framed art print is covered with high-quality plexiglass. We also provide you with the option to upgrade to premium mounting. Our premium matting displays the artwork in a professionally custom-fitted frame with the highest quality framing materials including non-reflective UV-plexiglass, archival backing, and pre-installed hanging hardware. For advice on hanging your art piece, we have put together some great tips on hanging all your Minted wall art.


There are many ways to display or present these wedding vows in your home or living space to highlight this special part of your wedding day. Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to style them in a sophisticated way.

  • Pairing vows: After you’ve exchanged vows, it can be a special reminder to hang both sets of these powerful words side by side in your home. Hang a pair of 18” x 24” standard printed vows above your bed, or a place a pair of 8” x 8” foil-pressed vows on a dresser. As each of you read a set of vows, it’s a nice reminder to keep them side by side.
  • Supplement a wedding photo collage: Include your framed vows along with three or four other framed wedding day photographs for a themed wall of art or mantel dedicated to your wedding day.
  • Continue your wedding theme: Select a font color and frame format that replicate your wedding decor. If you had a more modern and elegant wedding, perhaps you go with a sleek black frame with gold or silver foil. If you had a more rustic wedding, perhaps a woodsy frame with earth tone colors for the text.
  • Integrate them into your gallery wall: Style your framed wedding vows alongside other pieces of art to incorporate a personal memento and make a gallery wall truly your own. Work with our team of stylists to design your ideal wall, for free! Simply text a photo of your wall, it could be a bedroom, living room, dining room, etc. to 415-993-WALL (9255), and a Minted stylist will text you back fine art recommendations that perfectly fit your space. Let your stylist know you're interested in including your framed wedding vows, and they will assist. We encourage you to learn more about our free styling service.
  • Select a favorite excerpt for a family space: If your vows are long or there are parts that are too personal for a family or living room space, take out your favorite excerpt or commitment to hang as a favorite motto or quote for the family.


Creating a keepsake made from words exchanged on a wedding day will be a treasured and truly personal gift. No matter the couple’s artistic tastes, they will surely appreciate a framed reminder of the love they share. Here are ideas on when to give a wedding vows gift:

  • For your husband or wife on your first wedding anniversary: Our custom framed wedding vow art prints are a perfect gift for your 1st wedding anniversary. The first anniversary is “paper”, and a beautiful print on high-quality matte paper is the perfect way to commemorate this important milestone. We recommend the letterpress printing option for this first anniversary, as the texture created by the letterpress shows off the texture and depth of the paper.
  • For your parents on a significant anniversary: Printing and framing words of love exchanged from 30, 40, or 50 years ago can make the perfect and most cherished gift, a reminder of successful marriage they have built. To keep a surprise for one parent, ask the other for a copy of both vows.
  • For your close friends as a wedding gift: Forget the wedding registry! Be original and gift a present your friends will appreciate for a lifetime. Who knows, maybe it will be the first art they hang in their new home together as a married couple. Simply ask the bride or groom for their vows after the wedding.


Whether drawing on traditional vows or writing your own, they are sure to be uniquely impactful memories for the couple. If you are planning your ceremony, you are likely discussing with your partner how you would like to recite your vows.

We have put together a detailed post on wedding vows 101 that highlights topics to highlight, promises to consider, tips for good delivery, and how to write your first draft. We are here to help! Having a hard time deciding where to start? We have some great examples of vows written in various themes: