our mission

We ignite extraordinary careers

Illustrators and designers, painters and stay-at-home moms, fine artists and first-timers. Our flourishing community of independent artists are located in all 50 states and more than 100 countries—united by a love for design and creative expression.

We uncover the freshest design

We believe meritocracy and independence create the freshest, most unique ideas, so you get a marketplace that stays fresh forever: consistently first-to-market with trends.

Uncovering the freshest design

How it works

By inviting the world to participate, we provide a unique platform for independent artists and art lovers to connect and transact. Our pioneering crowdsourcing technology reveals truths and trends. Design challenges and blind voting removes bias and offers a constant stream of the freshest, most unique creative work.

Our Story

Our story begins with founder Mariam Naficy’s core belief that great art can come from anywhere. Surrounded by art during her international childhood, she believed the internet could uncover a world of creative talent and connect it to a market of design-inspired people. Since 2007, Minted has grown into the world’s leading design marketplace, with its products in more than 75 million homes worldwide.

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Fresh Designs from Independent Artists

Arriving Now

All Minted designs are curated through competitions. Discover what’s being voted in by our customers below, and click here to see a live feed of designs being submitted.