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Working All the Way Corporate Holiday Card Challenge

Time to get the (virtual) office feeling festive as we dive into the Minted Corporate Holiday Card Challenge. Though it is hard to know what the holidays will look like this year, we believe that companies will use cards as they always have (and perhaps even more so this year): to celebrate with and express gratitude for their colleagues, partners and clientele.

Every year, companies of all sizes from various industries come to Minted to find a holiday card to send well wishes and notes of gratitude to partners and clients. We are looking to you, our talented community of artists, to create fresh, unique and meaningful corporate holiday card designs that businesses will be proud to send out this holiday season. We seek a range of styles, themes and greetings. Keep in mind that shoppers for corporate holiday cards come from many different types of businesses both large and small, and see sending an annual holiday card as an important means of connecting with clients and partners.

As usual, we are running our Non-Photo Holiday Card Challenge concurrently with this one, so please do not submit the same design to both Challenges. We are looking for both non-photo and photo designs, but we will be taking more non-photo than photo designs. We are accepting both non-foil and foil-pressed designs to this Challenge, however the majority of designs selected will be non-foil.

We are limiting artists to 15 submissions per artist across non-foil and foil-pressed. K-level Holiday artists in our CMYK program are exempt from this submission limit. This limit is separate from limits applicable to the Non-Photo Holiday Card Challenge.

As always, we recommend focusing on quality over quantity and using polling and peer critique to not only narrow down the designs you submit but also improve the quality of your work. We encourage you to take risks, try new things, and submit a diversity of work! Please avoid submitting iterations of the same designs and try to submit work that is differentiated from what we currently sell on our site.

Holiday is one of the main categories that can earn you a spot in our CMYK Program.


Critique Period: 6/23 @ 10AM - 6/24 @ 10AM

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To make voting fair, please ignore the placeholder photo and imagine your own photo in the card.
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