baby shower invitation wording & etiquette

Anatomy of a Baby Shower Invitation
  1. Insert Card
    Accompany the invitation with an extra card with wishes for baby book requests, diaper raffle tickets, and more.
  2. Guest of Honor
    Honor the mom-to-be or both parents by listing their name(s) on the invitation.
  3. Registry
    Let guests know where the family is registered to take the guess work out of gifting.
  4. RSVP
    Provide the host’s contact information and a “respond by” date if your planning requires an exact guest list.

Planning a baby shower? Start by choosing a baby shower invitation design that reflects the mom-to-be’s style, the type of shower she and her family would like to have, and the theme of the event. There are many different types of baby showers (sprinkles, virtual showers, gender reveals, etc.) and in this article, we will help you better understand each one, provide you with baby shower invitation wording ideas, and sample designs for each style.

So what do you write in a baby shower invitation? No matter what theme or style of shower you host, there are certain elements that should be included in baby shower invitation wording, like the mother’s name, baby shower time and date, address of the party, and RSVP info (email address, phone number, etc). Once your invites are complete, the final question in your mind will most likely be: When should invitations be mailed out? The best practice is to mail baby shower invitations out in the fifth month of pregnancy for a shower that takes place in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

types of baby showers


Traditional Baby Shower

This get-together is held in honor of the mom-to-be and is typically organized and hosted by a close friend. Choose a classic blue, pink, or gender-neutral color scheme. You could also choose a fun coordinated theme for the invitations (like Safari, Woodland, Elephant, or Twinkle-Twinkle) and match them with your day-of decor. If you know the gender of the baby, you may wish to include this information on the invitation, so guests have the opportunity to purchase gender-specific gifts.

Traditional baby shower etiquette requires dressing nicely but not formally in accordance with the venue. You should bring a gift for the guest of honor and anything else the host asks for, such as photos of yourself or the mother-to-be as infants. A traditional baby shower guest list includes her mom, sister(s), aunts, and female friends and colleagues.

Traditional Baby Shower example

Baby Stork by Jen Banks

Scallop Border

Baby Shower Invitations

Emily Betts

by Emily Betts

Uniontown, OH


Baby Shower Invitations

Lori Wemple

by Lori Wemple

Huntersville, NC

Main Squeeze

Baby Shower Invitations

Joanna Griffin

by Joanna Griffin



Baby Shower Invitations

Petra Kern

by Petra Kern

Ljubljana, SI


Couples Shower

This celebration honors both parents, so be sure to include both names on the invitation if you're going that route. Also, consider using "celebration" as opposed to "shower," 
and pick an invitation design that will appeal to a co-ed guest list. With the baby shower invite wording, make the language inclusive and highlight that the party is intended to prepare both mom and dad for a new baby.

Dress for a couples’ shower can be more casual than a traditional event but should match the venue. Invite the guest of honor’s close friends and relatives, making sure to include the ladies’ significant others in your baby shower invitation wording. Consider asking guests who are parents to bring their best parenting advice.

Coupled by Jessica Williams

Oh Boy! by Michelle Shanaman

Woodland Dreams

Baby Shower Invitations

Teju Reval

by Teju Reval

Scotch Plains, NJ

Wall Hanging

Baby Shower Invitations

Hooray Creative

by Hooray Creative

Buffalo, NY

Not a shower

Baby Shower Invitations

Lea Delaveris

by Lea Delaveris

Columbus, OH

Modern Parents

Baby Shower Invitations

Hooray Creative

by Hooray Creative

Buffalo, NY


Gender Reveal

A gender reveal celebration is a special moment to share with friends and family. Have your sonographer write the baby’s gender on a notecard and seal the envelope before giving it to you; open the envelope together at the party to reveal the surprise in front of your guests. When selecting your baby shower invite wording, be sure to include that you’ll be learning the gender identity at the same time as your guests, which will add an extra layer of excitement to the event.

These events tend to be larger in scale and more casual than a traditional baby shower. Etiquette requires including the word “shower” somewhere in your baby shower invite wording if guests should bring gifts for the expectant parents. Themes for a gender reveal can vary, but it’s a fun idea to ask guests to dress in either pink or blue to indicate their guess.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation example

Surprise by AK Graphics


Baby Shower Invitations

AK Graphics

by AK Graphics

Pullman, WA


Baby Shower Invitations

Jen Banks

by Jen Banks

Baltimore, MD

Bunny Reveal

Baby Shower Invitations

AK Graphics

by AK Graphics

Pullman, WA

Glitter Balloons

Baby Shower Invitations

Robert and Stella

by Robert and Stella

Salt Lake City, UT


Sip and See

“Sip and See” is commonly a more low-key party held after the baby̦’s birth to introduce him or her to friends and family members. Sip and sees are also a great way to celebrate your little one if you were unable to have an in-person baby shower while you were expecting. Like an open house, guests can come and go, enjoy a beverage, and meet the new baby in a casual setting. If you have a large family and a big friend group, you may decide to have a couple smaller “welcome baby” parties instead of one large one. That is perfectly acceptable!

For this type of event, include in your baby shower invitation wording details about how the new parents would like to handle guests touching or holding their infant. This can offer guidance on hand-washing, mask-wearing, and other concerns. Invite anyone linked to the happy little family for this easy-going, unstructured shower.

Sip and See Baby Shower Invitation example

Ice Ice Baby by Corie Page

garden baby

Baby Shower Invitations

Peetie Design

by Peetie Design

New York, NY

Cuter In Person

Baby Shower Invitations

Cindy Reynolds

by Cindy Reynolds

Athens, GA

Cuddles and Cake

Baby Shower Invitations


by Bethan

Manchester, GB

floral sip and see

Baby Shower Invitations

Hannah Williams

by Hannah Williams

Sautee Nacoochee, GA



After their first child, some families prefer a "sprinkle" instead of a full-blown baby shower because diapers may be all they need!.Baby shower invitation wording for this kind of event usually indicates a more informal gathering and highlights a few items they may need “sprinkled” in to bolster their baby supply rather than a full registry. This gathering will be more about support and celebration and less about presents!

The etiquette for a baby shower for a second child is looser than for traditional events, allowing guests and parents to relax and enjoy the day. Invite close family and friends, including couples — unless the new mom wants to opt for a ladies’ only outing.

Crescendo by Griffinbell Paper Co

Baby Sprinkle by Susan Asbill

All Over Sprinkles

Baby Shower Invitations

Hooray Creative

by Hooray Creative

Buffalo, NY

Mod Rainbow Sprinkle

Baby Shower Invitations

Maria Alou

by Maria Alou

Miami, FL


Baby Shower Invitations

Lori Wemple

by Lori Wemple

Huntersville, NC

Twinkle Sprinkle

Baby Shower Invitations

Angela Thompson

by Angela Thompson

Devonport, AU


Adoption Shower

When celebrating an adoption, the timing of the event will vary depending on the nature of the adoption and the comfort level of the parents-to-be. The family may prefer to have the shower before the baby arrives or after the baby is welcomed home. When crafting the adoption baby shower invitation wording, share the child’s exact age and size so guests have an idea of what types of clothing and toys to gift.

Adoption baby shower etiquette is all about the comfort of this new little family. For example, the baby shower invite wording should not include any form of “adoptive baby.” Instead, consider mentioning the country of origin the child has arrived from: “Please join us in welcoming baby Kai who traveled from the Democratic Republic of Congo to be in Mama Britney’s arms.”

Bella Mia by Petra Kern, Woodland Hills by Eric Clegg

We Adopted Love by Louise Kay

Growing Family

Baby Shower Invitations

Alethea and Ruth

by Alethea and Ruth

Seattle, WA

We Adopted Love

Baby Shower Invitations

Louise Kay

by Louise Kay

Spring, NJ

New Home

Baby Shower Invitations

Anastasia Makarova

by Anastasia Makarova

Moscow, RU

Born in Our Hearts

Baby Shower Invitations

Inkblot Design

by Inkblot Design

Papamoa Beach, NZ


Virtual Baby Shower

Virtual showers have become popular during the age of COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines as a way to bring everyone together in a safe, inclusive way. Because these online parties are still somewhat new, it’s important your baby shower invite wording cues guests in on what to expect during the virtual event. Will games be played? Should a beverage be made ahead of time?

Classy Type by Hooray Creative

Lettering by Jen Owens

Party Conference

Baby Shower Invitations


by Elly

Singapore, SG


Baby Shower Invitations

Jen Owens

by Jen Owens

Warrenton, MO

Baby shower by mail

Baby Shower Invitations

Y Studio

by Y Studio

Vancouver, CA

Automobile baby shower

Baby Shower Invitations

Tina Lee

by Tina Lee

Las Vegas, NV


Second Child Baby Shower Wording

An expanding family is a joyous thing! Etiquette for a baby shower for a second child leaves more room for personalizing than a traditional event. Consider making the party co-ed and family-friendly so that dads and other kids can participate. Mention on the invitation whether guests are expected to bring a baby shower gift. Etiquette does not require baby shower games, but they’ll help keep everyone engaged in a big party like this.

Other Considerations

What venue is appropriate?
Showers are often held at the host’s home, but a hotel banquet hall or a favorite restaurant of the parents-to-be are also good choices. For a virtual baby shower, consider digital backgrounds that reflect the mom-to-be’s personality or places she has traveled to. Unique venue choices include:

  • A tea room for ladies only
  • A local brewery or winery for couples
  • A playground or park for family events
  • A botanical garden

Who hosts?
Traditionally, showers are hosted by a close friend of the guest of honor, but it has become acceptable for family members to host.

Are there any special requests to include on the invite?
Including registry information or special gift requests like books or diapers helps avoid duplicate or unneeded gifts. However, you may decide to omit this and let guests enjoy finding a gift on their own.

Baby shower games keep guests engaged, but include instructions in your baby shower invite wording if you want attendees to bring photos, song names or parenting advice to contribute to the fun.

sample wording for baby shower invitations

Need some help wording your baby shower invitations? Follow our handy invitation wording guide below.

What kind of shower are you hosting?


Sample wording for a baby boy shower invitation.

Join us for a baby shower
Caroline Nixon
January 20 2 o’clock
Le Chocolat Du Bouchard | Naperville, IL
RSVP by January 10th to Catherine at 489-2873
Registry at Serena & Lily

Ahoy Little Boy
by Ashley Hegarty

It’s a Boy!
Join us as we celebrate mommy-to-be Jessica Williams
Saturday, August 21st at 2 PM | 2212 Sunset Dr. Stanwood, WA
RSVP to Candice at 360.421.2151 by August 10th
Baby Williams is registered at Target & Land of Nod

vintage baby truck
by Karidy Walker

Join us in celebrating
David and Megan’s
Little Man
October 16 | Three o’clock in the afternoon
RSVP to Katie (503) 259-7593
Couple’s Shower at the Wilson’s Home
4789 Williamette Avenue | Portland, OR 98745
David and Megan are registered at Buy Buy Baby and Target

Little Man
by Amy Payne


Sample wording for a baby girl shower invitation.

Olivia Anderson
Is having a girl
Join us for a baby shower to celebrate
Saturday April 24 at 2 PM
687 Mountain Drive Hyde Park, VT
RSVP by March 25 to
Olivia is registered at Land of Nod

Sugar and Spice
by JeAnna Casper

It’s a girl
Join us for a baby shower honoring Meredith Deegan
June 23 | 12 PM | 2525 N Pine Grove Ave, Chicago
RSVP | Registry – Babies “R” Us & Target

Girl Balloon
by Erin Deegan

Tickled Pink
To celebrate Jennifer Talbot’s baby shower
Saturday, July 7th at 1 PM
1886 Martin Avenue, Mountain View, CA
687 Mountain Drive Hyde Park, VT
hosted by Megan Holden & Georgia Drew
registered at Pottery Barn & Babies “R” Us
RSVP by July 2nd to

Tickled Pink
by Design Market

Twins & Multiples

Sample wording for a twins or multiples baby shower invitation.

Amanda Reynolds
Is preparing for the joyful arrival of
Lets celebrate her on July 27 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon
Kimbell house | Charleston, SC | Hosted by friends
RSVP: 616.753.8800 | registry: Amazon

linen edge
by Amy Kross

Olivia is expecting
Please join us for a baby shower on August thirteenth at two pm
Hosted by Annie Kipling at 2015 Maplewood Court
Please RSVP to by August second
Registries at Land of Nod and Babies R Us

by Lori Wemple

Megan Anderson is having
Join us for a baby shower in her honor
Saturday, May 16 | 1-4 PM | St. Thomas Roasters
163 Linglestown Road | Hershey, PA | Hosted by Cara Reed
Regrets only to Cara |
Megan is registered at Pottery Barn Kids & Target

Dotted Twins
by Jennifer Wick


Sample wording for a couples shower invitation.

Join us for a
Baby bash
Celebrating Josh & Jenny
And baby on the way
July 17th at 6 PM
At the Perry’s | 101 Pine Ave
Registry at Target

It’s a Baby Bash
by Makewells

It takes a village
Please join us to help prepare and support parents-to-be
Joseph and Emily Martins
3 PM | April 14 | 6424 W Parkside Dr, Wheaton, IL
Registered at Target
RSVP to Mandy at by 3.10

It Takes a Village
by Shiny Penny Studio

Their greatest adventure
Let’s celebrate the parents-to-be
Maya & Elliott Harris
Saturday, August 19th at 1:00 PM
Hosted by Jessica Thompson, Katie Lim & Alicia Genovese
Regrets only to
Find their registries at Pottery Barn Kids & Target
Nursery colors are navy, sky, gray, and yellow

Cute Camper
by Olivia Raufman

Gender Reveal

Sample wording for a gender reveal invitation.

What will it bee…
A he or a she?
Join us for a baby shower
Honoring Rachel & Bradley Clarke
Saturday, August 20th at 12 p.m.
2134 Milan Drive, San Diego
RSVP by August 10th to 619.651.7421
Hosted with love by Rebecca Banks
The Clarkes are registered at the Land of Nod

What Will It Bee
by Erica Krystek

Boy or girl
Which will Baby Morris be?
Join us for a gender reveal party!
Jun 19
Brand & Ashley’s house
271 S. Walnut Street
4 PM
RSVP to Jenny at (172) 827-2816 by June 10th

Blow The Surprise
by Laura Hankins

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Join Elizabeth & Liam for a gender reveal party
Sunday, June 3, 1 PM till 4 PM
Elysian Hotel, 11 Walton Street, Chicago, Illinois
RSVP to Corrine McDonald 545-321-4566

by Baumbirdy

Sip and See

Sample wording for a Sip and See invitation.

Join us for a sip and see
To meet the newest member of the Roberts Family
Parker James
Saturday, August 12 at 12 PM
The Roberts’ Home | 5125 Walnut Avenue, Manhattan Beach
RSVP to Sarah at 310.555.5125

Sip N See
by Shirley Lin Schneider

Hey baby!
Please join us for a meet the baby shower honoring
The Hendersons & Baby Emerson
Saturday, October 12th at 2 PM – 1535 SW Upper Hall St, Portland
Regrets Only to Caroline |

Hey Baby!
by Kimberly Chow

Jessie Devon Russo has arrived
Please join us for a sip & see
Sunday, June 4th, 1 P.M. to 4 P.M.
41175 Penrose Street, San Diego

Bright Baby
by Erica Krystek


Sample wording for a baby sprinkle invitation.

Let’s celebrate Ava Miller with a
Baby sprinkle
Saturday, September 10 from 2-4 PM
555 Springfield Ranch Drive
San Antonio, Texas
RSVP by 8.20 to

Sweet Sprinkle by Lauren Chism

Baby sprinkle
Chloe Chang
Sunday, April 23rd, 1 PM
39 Windmill Lane, South Hampton
Regrets only to
Chloe is registered at Buy Buy Baby

Cloud Nine
by peetie design

A baby sprinkle
Please join us for a little baby sprinkle
For Julie Steele on Saturday, April 5th at 2 PM
Amelie’s Bakery in Downtown Charlotte
RSVP to Candy Jones at 704.432.3421 by March 20th
Registry at Babies R Us and Target

Sprinkle by Lori Wemple

Adoption Shower

Sample wording for a adoption shower invitation.

Rachel & Abe Parks are adopting
It was written in the stars for you to be ours
Join us for a baby shower
On Sunday May 28th at one o’clock
895 East Haven Court, Chicago
Land of Nod

You are Ours
by Baumbirdy

It’s official!
Welcoming home
Addison Moore Jackson
Please join us for a celebration
Saturday, April 29 | 12-3 PM
The Jacksons’ | 714 S. Maple St. | Ferndale
Regrets only to Lisa at 184.609.6904

by Snow and Ivy

Matt & Nancy Livingston are adopting a baby
Let’s celebrate with an adoption shower!
5078 West 5th Ave.
Atlanta, Georgia
3PM - 5PM
July 18
Please RSVP by July 1
to Sarah Carter

Adventure with Adoption
by Stephanie Strouse

Virtual Baby Shower

Sample wording for a virtual baby shower invitation.

Join Us To Celebrate
Hemming Edwards
Virtual Baby Shower
With Parents Rachel & Damien
At four o’clock in the afternoon
On October 17th
RSVP to Rachel by Oct. 1st
Link to follow

Forest Floor
by Christie Elise

Julia and Mark are still having a baby!
Please join us virtually to celebrate
Saturday, April 25th | 2PM-4PM
Mail gifts to 14 Grand Ave, Oakland, Ca
Then tune in to share their joy and see them open baby’s gifts!
Rsvp by 4/18 to receive the virtual invitation link

Modern Block
by Roxy Cervantes

Tiny Human Virtual Shindig
A baby shower for these weird times.
Let’s safely “get together” to celebrate parents-to-be
Alexa & Tristan Sulivan
September 27th at 2 - 4PM<
Link to follow via email

Virtual Shindig
by Corinne Malesic