art styling tips

For centuries art has awed, amazed, and continually evolved. It has spoken about social change, told stories of love and war, and captured moments in history that help us preserve the past. A wide variety of art mediums have produced remarkable finished works and continue to drive innovation and creativity to this day. In this guide, we will review popular art looks, techniques, and types of art mediums to help you explore what styling best speaks to you when it comes to selecting artwork for your home or office. Read More ▶︎

Most people have heard of the color wheel, but the power behind using it for winning color combinations is often overlooked. For those pursuing artistic careers on the other hand, there are entire college courses that teach color theory and understanding complementary colors through the color wheel. Read More ▶︎

While these words might sound foreign, diptychs and triptychs are more common than you might think, as they represent an ancient art styling you often see employed today. The word diptych is Greek for “two-fold”, and triptych is Greek for “three-fold”. Put simply, this art styling consists of paintings, drawings, carvings, and photographs arranged on different panels or surfaces intended to be displayed together. Read More ▶︎