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This is a blue art by Erika Firm called Lake View South Carolina.
Lake View South Carolinaby Erika Firm

This is a blue art by EMANUELA CARRATONI called Candy Sky.

This is a black and white art by Melanie Severin called Embodied3.
Embodied3by Melanie Severin

This is a colorful art by Kelly Ventura called Gardens.
Gardensby Kelly Ventura

This is a grey art by Leanne Friedberg called quilt block 01.
quilt block 01by Leanne Friedberg

This is a brown art by jinseikou called Stoic 011.
Stoic 011by jinseikou
Stoic 012by jinseikou
Days in Parisby Jessica C. Nugent
Bywaterby Claire
Ever Softlyby Melanie Severin
Fortress Iby Kamala Nahas
Lingerby Sarah McInroe