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Minted is excited to introduce a brand new mobile app that makes the typically arduous process of collecting and organizing all of your contacts’ home addresses as easy as 1-2-3. When managing your online address book through Minted, you will easily be able to send out wedding invitations, baby announcements, birthday invitations, or holiday cards without the hassle of re-collecting addresses or manually double-checking that they are all still correct. Once your contacts are all saved, you will also be able to take advantage of our free recipient addressing service to ensure your envelopes are just as chic as the contents inside.


Our app is continually being updated by our team of engineers to include modern features designed to make your life easier. Take a picture of an address on an envelope and have it immediately saved in your contact list. Trigger text messages or emails to friends that will collect their contacts. These are just a few of the time-saving features offered! The days of individually reaching out to individual friends and family members and logging their details into a paper book are behind us.


In order to download Minted’s iPhone address app, simply go to the Apple App Store and search for “Minted.” You will notice the official name of our app is “Minted: The Address Book” and our icon is a picture of a white envelope with a black “m.” in the center of it. You will be able to download the app to your phone in minutes. Once our free address book app is installed, you can login with your preexisting Minted account or create a new account.


Minted provides numerous options for creating and managing your contacts through our mobile solution:

  • 1. Take a photo of an envelope: When you receive a letter from a friend or family member and want to save their address to Minted’s contacts app, simply snap a picture using your phone’s camera, and through modern technology, the name and address will be recognized and saved to your contacts.
  • 2. Email or text your contacts: If you’re wondering, how do I ask my contacts list to confirm their information, the solution is easier than you think. Compose a text message that will include a link to a personalized landing page where friends can input their information. If you prefer to send an email, a simple customizable message can be sent to your family and friends asking them to update their info. Quickly get hundreds of contact details with the tap of the phone screen. The process is equally painless for your recipients.
  • 3. Import from phone contacts: Another way to quickly organize your contacts is to let Minted access “my contacts,” where we import your phone contacts and pull in all the relevant address information and organize it for you all in one space. We strive to be the best address book app available, especially as you prepare for sharing exciting news and special occasions with your loved ones.
  • 4. Manually enter your contacts: If you prefer, you can also add contacts one at a time. Add details such as contact name, mailing address, birthday, phone number, prefix, title, additional family members, and more.


We hope that you will be just excited about this new offering as we are! Below we have highlighted a few of the key benefits:

  • Time Saver: Some of the biggest frustrations around sending save the date cards and Christmas cards is hunting down everyone’s current home address. Our app makes this process as painless as possible through modern technology. Then, when it comes time to send your correspondence, easily access your online address book from your phone, tablet, or computer to print addresses in no time. Forget hand-writing recipient addresses.
  • Leverage our Free Themed Recipient Address Printing: Once your addresses are loaded in your Minted account, we can print them onto your envelope order for free in thousands of unique designs and styles. Have addresses printed alongside imagery of Christmas trees, snowflakes, or adorable baby bottles.
  • Early Notice On New Features: As our Minted mobile app continues to be updated with new features, you will be the first to know! As we work to make this one of the best mobile address book apps available, you will have first access to new features, exclusive notice on upcoming sales, and more.


As more and more of us transition away from the old-fashioned traditional paper address book, we think our content management app is the easy and logical next step toward having access to important address information on you at all times. Because the app syncs with your online Minted account, you can seamlessly manage important sentimental mailed correspondence from your phone while riding public transportation, waiting in line, or waiting for soccer practice to end. Planning big and significant events or preparing for the holidays is stressful enough, and we want to make the process easier by making one of the organizational steps that much smoother.

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