Text Us Your Photo: Art Styling


While we all have our own unique tastes and sense of style, it often proves very challenging to accurately and beautifully portray this style through interior design and wall art choices. We have all experienced a situation where a certain article of clothing catches our eye in the store, but when we go home and try it on or pair it with a set of existing shoes or purse, the recent purchase just does not have the same appeal. Selecting appropriate wall art can have the same challenges. You may have your eye on a stunning photograph of a sandy southern California coastline framed in a naturally-weathered wood frame, but once it is mounted on your wall, it just doesn’t seem to complement the leather furniture and your pre-existing watercolor paintings. This is where Minted can step in and provide curated Minted art selections online for free! Our team of art specialists is well versed in Minted’s fine art collection, has helped thousands of customers style their unique spaces, and will enjoy working hand in hand with you to share wall art tips you may never have considered!


We understand that every wall is different. From the shape, size, and color of the wall to other elements like the presence of a window opening and surrounding furniture, we want to make sure we have a complete understanding of the canvas we are being asked to bring to life. Our wall art interior design service first started through email exchanges we had with our customers years ago and has now evolved into a user-friendly “text us your wall” program. Simply take a picture on your phone of the wall you wish to add art to and send us those images. You will immediately receive a text back asking you a range of questions such as your preferred art style, color palette, the number of art pieces you are thinking of featuring, and a budget you are working with. Respond in text with your answers and you will be paired with a Minted art stylist.

Within 2-3 business days, you should receive some wall art recommendations personalized to your tastes and space. How cool is that! Because our stylists have assisted thousands of customers with personalized wall art tips, we are very familiar with our collection of beautiful fine art offerings consistently submitted by independent artists from around the world. Whether your style is modern, contemporary, or a bit eclectic, we can help curate the prints that best suit your room. After reviewing our recommended selections with you, we will share a digitally rendered mockup of our suggested art prints, showcasing recommended sizes, frame styles, and ideal placement on your wall. These same art selections will be placed in your virtual shopping cart located in your Minted account, making checkout a breeze.


Our team of stylists each has their own unique backgrounds and training that make them well-suited to help in your art-inspired interior design needs. With college degrees in disciplines ranging from architecture to graphic design and studio arts, we have an eye for design perfection. Since launching our “Text Us Your Wall” program in 2018, our team has assisted over 15,000