baby shower invitation

"Color Me Grey" baby shower invitation

So you’re throwing a baby shower! If you’re looking for fun baby shower games that everyone will actually enjoy, read on.

Pick baby shower games that are simple and accessible to everyone.

Like a lot of big milestone events, baby showers can bring together a multi-generational group of people from all areas of the mom-to-be’s life - everyone from close family to new friends. So, you’ll want to make sure that any games or activities are fun, inclusive, and easy to explain.

It’s always a good idea to start with a simple game that everybody already knows and then customize it for the occasion. Baby shower bingo is a great example - it’s familiar to everyone from great-grandmotherms to kindergartners, and even if you happen to invite that one person who’s never played bingo, it won’t take long to explain. Or if you’ve got a competitive crowd, maybe a few rounds of baby shower trivia are more your speed. (Any Trebek fans in the house? Try baby shower jeopardy instead.)

Ditch the traditional baby shower icebreaker games.

You know the ones we mean. Icebreaker games are so common that you might feel obligated, especially if it’s a large shower and you know that some of the guests haven’t met. But in the end, nobody wants to feel like they’re at work. If you can imagine a particular icebreaker game being played at a corporate conference or college orientation, it’s probably best to skip it and try something a little more fun.

Have prizes on hand.

Everything’s more fun when there are stakes, right? No matter what games you choose, find a way to reward your guests with cute prizes and party favors. They can be as simple as candy, or as fancy as a nice bottle of champagne.

If you’re throwing a themed baby shower, make sure that the prizes tie in to the bigger picture. For example, if the theme is superheroes, hand out action figures or movie tickets. If it’s mermaids, hand out chocolates in the shape of seashells or a gift certificate to a great sushi restaurant.

Keep it gender-neutral.

More and more showers are co-ed these days, and many new moms are steering away from the conventional gender-reveal parties that were all the rage five years ago. You may want to keep this in mind while choosing a theme, decorations, or even activities. There are no hard and fast rules, of course - make sure you check in with the mom-to-be about how they’d like to handle this element, and then stick to their preferences.


You’ll need:

  • Printable Baby Bingo cards
  • Cute pens, markers, or stamps
  • Prizes!

How to play

It’s bingo, but with popular baby gifts and gear as categories. And it’s a fun and simple way to keep everyone engaged and excited about opening gifts. (Let’s face it, the gifting portion of any baby shower can take a while.)

When it’s time to open gifts, hand out the baby bingo cards and pens to all your guests.

Appoint one person to call out the gifts as they’re opened so that the mom-to-be doesn’t have to -- or if you’re really high-achieving, set up a giant board or whiteboard where you keep track of each gift. First guest to fill out their card wins!


You’ll need:

  • Name Tags or cards for team names
  • 5 large cards printed with categories of your choice
  • List of questions & answers for the MC
  • Noisemakers or paper fans for buzzing in

How to play:

It’s just like traditional jeopardy but with questions and categories customized for the occasion.This one works best with a smaller group, or you can divide into teams.

Make sure the large category cards are clearly visible to everybody playing. If you’re going for a more upbeat, competitive round, hand out noisemakers and have the guests use these to “buzz” in. If you’re like a quieter vibe, create some pretty DIY fans or flags in bright colors and have each guest raise theirs when they’ve got the answer. Ask the mom-to-be to choose the first category, and then take it away, Trebek-style.

Pro-tip: Get creative with your categories - this evens the playing field between parents and non-parents. Consider categories that tie into pop culture, like “Movies About Babies” or “Songs with the Word ‘Baby’ in the Title”.


This one’s kind of an icebreaker, but without the awkward “2 truths and a lie” stuff. It’s pretty simple: show off everyone’s adorable baby-selves and hand out prizes for whoever guesses the most identities correctly.

How to play:

Before the shower, ask each guest to send you a photo of themselves as a baby. Format the photos so that they’re all the same size, then display them somewhere that will catch guests’s eye as soon as they enter the party. Using post-it’s or printed cards, have everybody guess who’s who. Keep it going throughout the party and then reveal identities at the very end of the event. Whoever guessed the most correctly wins!

Looking for more? You can check out Minted’s selection of printable baby games here.