20 adorable baby shower themes

It’s all fun and games when it comes to planning a baby shower! It starts with brainstorming baby shower themes, cute decor, and entertaining activities. From there you can create an adorable atmosphere that will get the mother-to-be even more excited about her new arrival. Whether you are hosting a shower, sprinkle, or gender reveal (don’t worry, we explain what all these types of showers are later in this article), we have organized 20 unique baby shower themes to consider for your celebration!

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Diaper Pin by Lehan Veenker

Diaper Pin by Lehan Veenker



This celestial theme is gender-neutral and can be as mystical or elegant as you’d like, depending on the mom’s style. Try something different and decide to host an evening shower in a backyard under the stars complete with some stargazing activities.

  • Decor ideas: Make DIY clouds out of bunches of cotton and hang them from the ceiling with gold star garland strands for an out-of-this-world look.
  • Food ideas: Serve cookies in the shape of clouds, moons, and stars.
  • Favor ideas: Personalize votive candle holders to say “Twinkle Twinkle” with the date of the shower and give these away as party favors with a votive candle.


Moon and Back Cloudy Sky

Moon and Back Cloudy Sky by Alethea and Ruth



Go wild with this theme that is full of colorful design potential (think zebra patterns, tiger print, and even cheetah spots). Perfect as a theme for a baby boy shower since you can play up the concept of a new “king of the jungle”, use baby shower ideas that will make your guests feel like they have stepped foot into the Amazon or Serengeti.

  • Decor ideas: Create a photo wall with balloons in a variety of green tones, palm fronds, and even monkey stuffed animals. Provide some fun props for guests to use in the photoshoot like binoculars and safari hats.
  • Food ideas: Make up fun names for your appetizers. Put out carrots and dip (label it “Tiger Tails”), grapes (“Snake Eggs”), or nuts (“Elephant Treats”).
  • Favor ideas: Package gummy animal candy or animal crackers in cellophane. Tie your bundle or treats with raffia and put a party favor sticker on it that ties in with the baby shower theme.


Jungle Animal Sketchbook

Jungle Animal Sketchbook by Alethea and Ruth



No need to forage around for baby shower ideas to complement your woodland creature theme when we have some right here! Create a cute and memorable day with the forest’s furriest friends.

  • Decor ideas: Use decorative wood slices to display food, favors, game ideas, and more. If it’s the fall, look to collect and feature pinecones creatively.
  • Game ideas: Given it’s a woodland theme, send guests on a “Pacifier Hunt,” around your venue grounds telling them how many are hidden. This spin on a more traditional scavenger hunt will have guests looking in trees and searching bushes.
  • Favor ideas: Send guests off with a small jar of custom-made trail mix and a label that says “Happy Trails.”


Virtual Woodland

Virtual Woodland by Lori Wemple



If you’re looking for fall baby shower ideas, welcoming a little pumpkin into the world is always a seasonally relevant idea! Stop by the local pumpkin patch for a pregnancy photoshoot and display some of the images at your shower or in your thank you cards.

  • Decor ideas: Tie in the orange-y theme with pumpkins of all shapes, hues, and sizes, along with sunflowers, burnt orange leaves, and gold spray-painted jars.
  • Game ideas: Fill a jar with pumpkin candies or candy corn and have guests guess how many pumpkins are in it.
  • Favor ideas: Decorate mini pumpkins with glitter and attach a small “thank you” note to the stem with string.



Babies bring a ton of joy, so welcome them in with a theme that will literally brighten your day! A “You Are My Sunshine” concept is an easy and fun party idea that allows for plenty of DIY opportunities. It is also a perfect option for a summer baby shower.

  • Decor ideas: Decorate tables with vases of baby’s breath, sunflowers, and sliced lemons to add that yellow color tie-in, in an unexpected way.
  • Favor ideas: Give guests flowering potted plants. Arrange them on a table under a sign that reads “Thank you for showering our little sunshine with love.”
  • Drink idea: Lemonades! Set up a lemonade bar where guests can create their own unique flavor combinations. Think strawberry, blueberry, or watermelon lemonade!
A Little Sunshine

A Little Sunshine by Ashlee Townsend



Perfect for a couple’s shower, play up the idea that you are “brewing a baby” inside your belly. Purchase an assortment of craft beers for guests to sample. You could even purchase little flight glasses so guests can be served three sample beers at once.

  • Decor ideas: Purchase some gold balloons that say “Cheers” and surround them with other balloons in gold, yellow, and white. Not only is it a nod to the theme, but it’s also perfect for photo opportunities. Also, consider how you may be able to transform a room or backyard to resemble a German beer garden.
  • Drink ideas: It goes without saying, offer local craft beers for those who can drink. For those who can’t, apple cider is a great alternative.
  • Food ideas: When it comes to baby shower food ideas, serve freshly baked pretzels with mustards and dips; perfect with beer or sparkling waters as a refreshment.
Brewing baby love

Brewing baby love by heythird



Another great couple’s shower idea, a Baby-Q is a cute play on a BBQ-themed day. Take advantage of a more casual grilling and picnicking vibe complemented with traditional red and white gingham tablecloths. Let’s not forget classic entertainment like horseshoes and cornhole that can complement your baby shower game ideas.

  • Decor ideas: If you’re having a burger bar, indicate which table it is by attaching three baby onesies to a piece of string with clothespins. Each onesie will have a letter on it: B-B-Q. Use red and white checked cloth to create the letters.
  • Game ideas: We’ve got a great idea for you, it’s called “Baby Bump Twister!” Blow up a bunch of balloons and have everyone who plays Twister put one under their shirt. You’re in for hilarity!
  • Food ideas: Besides hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob, offer a delicious picnic dessert with mini strawberry shortcakes in mason cup jars.

B(A)B(Y)Q by Lauren Chism



Adorable shower ideas like this one are both easy and affordable to pull off. Whether you’re having the shower indoors or out, there are many ways you can tie in decorations and activities to honor the “mother/queen bee”. Create a buzz with this baby shower theme!

  • Decor ideas: Use wooden hexagons to create a hive look behind the dessert table. You can also use these wooden hexagons throughout the shower for a photo wall, centerpieces, etc.
  • Favor ideas: Hand out little jars of local honey that guests can take home with them to share with their household.
  • Game ideas: Get a large jar and fill it with honeycomb-shaped pretzels. Have guests guess how many honeycombs are in the jar. Baby shower game ideas like this are easy to manage because guests can place their “ballot” at any time during the shower.
Mom to bee

Mom to bee by Ally Madison



At many showers, it is requested that instead of a card or gift you bring a children’s book so the mom-to-be ends up with a great starter library of picture books for her child. Expand on this idea and theme the entire shower around books!

  • Decor ideas: For the food table, use children’s books as decorative pieces. Stack them so that plates of food are at varying heights and are sitting on a colorful array of books. You can also print up some signs with your favorite quotes from children’s books.
  • Game ideas: Create a list of children’s books and their main characters. Mix up the list so people will have to match the book to the character. Whoever gets the most right wins.
  • Dessert ideas: Create cupcake flags with your favorite storybook character on them. That way not only can you make or purchase delicious cupcakes, you can make sure they tie in with the theme.
  • Virtual ideas: Virtual baby showers have grown in popularity as it allows guests from across the globe to attend a live celebration with the mom-to-be. If hosting a virtual event, you could prepare a trivia slideshow of popular children’s book covers that have the book title removed. Guests then need to correctly guess the book title. Be sure to read through our detailed post on additional virtual party ideas.
Book Lovers

Book Lovers by Lottie Made Co.



While the mom-to-be may not be able to partake in a “Sunday Funday”, that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the sentiment of a fun bubbly juice bar with her girlfriends! You could even have custom champagne flutes made up that guests can take home with them as party favors.

  • Drink ideas: Serve a variety of juices (orange, strawberry, cranberry, etc.) along with champagne and sparkling cider.
  • Decor ideas: Play up the fruit angle since the theme is so focused on juice. Use berries, leaves, and flowers for decor and signage.
  • Favor ideas: Send guests home with fruit-flavored macarons, packaged with a personalized baby shower tag.


Momosa Party

Momosa Party by Laura Hankins



If you’re looking for unique ideas for a girl, this one is perfect! Create a shower that is almost Alice In Wonderland in nature. Showcase the colorful patterns and arrangements found on butterflies throughout your decor. You could even plan the party in a rose garden or botanical garden.

  • Decor ideas: Purchase giant artificial butterflies online, a butterfly pinata, and even a balloon arch for a huge statement piece at the shower.
  • Favor ideas: Embark upon a DIY project with mini topiaries and place butterflies in them. You can use these as centerpieces and then have guests take one when the party concludes.
  • Game ideas: Create a worksheet of the world’s most famous butterflies and then have a list of their names. See if your guests can correctly identify the Monarch, Tiger Swallowtail, Blue-spotted Emperor, Buckeye, and more.
Little Darlings

Little Darlings by Maja Cunningham



Say hello to one of the cutest baby shower theme ideas for a boy! Shower the mom-to-be with a celebration that is not only unique, but pays homage to the wise and innocent baby elephant. There are plenty of fun ways to stampede forward with this look.

  • Decor ideas: Find a large stuffed toy elephant and blow up a bunch of balloons in gray, white, and blue so it looks like they’re coming out of his trunk. If you can pull it off, it’ll look like he’s spraying water in an arc and it will be the perfect backdrop for photos.
  • Favor ideas: Order soap in the shape of an elephant (preferably gray) and package each one in a mesh bag. Include a thank you note on the ribbon.
  • Game ideas: Fill a jar with peanuts and have people guess how many are in the jar. Also, because an elephant never forgets, you could think through a game that tests your guest’s memory. Perhaps a quiz about the mom-to-be.


Elephant Shower

Elephant Shower by Lori Wemple



Whether you hold the shower on land or at sea, a nautical baby shower is so much fun because there are endless ways to tie in the theme. In other words, it will be smooth sailing to plan and pull off. If you have access to a sailboat or yacht club, this theme becomes a no-brainer.

  • Food ideas: Set up a self-serve station with crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, fish and chips, and more. Just make sure there are some safe edible options for the pregnant mother to eat!
  • Decor idea: Order a life preserver that has the baby’s expected name (or says “Baby Smith”) and the month the baby is due on it. You can hang this at the entrance to the party, above the food station, or near a popular photo spot. Once the party concludes, repurpose the custom preserver in their nursery.
  • Game idea: Play “My Water Broke,” a game where you freeze miniature plastic baby figurines in ice cubes ahead of time. Hand an ice cube to each participant at the same time. The first person to have their ice cube melt and expose the figurine inside yells “My water broke!” and wins the game.
Ahoy Baby

Ahoy Baby by Snow and Ivy



A shower that will be held around Halloween can appropriately be themed “peek-a-boo.” Piggyback a traditional orange and black look and brainstorm how you can incorporate skeletons, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns into your celebration.

  • Decor ideas: Use black or orange balloons and lanterns for decorations and spell out things like “Boo,” “Spooky,” and of course…”Baby.”
  • Drink ideas: Label your drink pitchers things like “Worm’s Wart” and “Frog’s Breath”. A cauldron of “witches brew” set above dry ice seems on theme.
  • Game ideas: Blindfold guests and provide them with a variety of popular chocolate bars and Halloween candy. See who can correctly identify the most options.
  • Virtual ideas: If you’re hosting a virtual party, invite those who are joining online to dress up in Halloween garb or make up a spooky virtual background.
Little Boo

Little Boo by Jessica Ogden



Celebrate the little pot of gold that’s headed your way with the most colorful and magical baby shower theme. Do keep in mind that sometimes a rainbow baby shower can represent that the mother-to-be may have lost a previous child or pregnancy. If this is the case, the new baby is often referred to as a “sunshine baby”, “rainbow baby”, or “angel baby”.

  • Decor ideas: Create a rainbow arch for the doorway out of balloons, streamers, and garlands. You could also encourage guests to wear a wig in a bright color.
  • Favor ideas: Rainbow lollipops were so fun as a child, so why not bring them back as a favor now?
  • Food ideas: Line up food by color rather than by type. For example, a plate of carrots next to a plate of orange cupcakes, next to a bowl of yellow lemon drops and sliced mangos. It’s fun and unexpected!
Mod Rainbow Sprinkle

Mod Rainbow Sprinkle by Maria Alou



If you’re looking for baby shower ideas for a boy, this one will get the checkered flag. Base your baby shower theme around fast cars, shiny trains, and things that are going places—just like your future little man.

  • Decor ideas: Set up antique toy planes and trains on the dessert table and guest tables. You can also hang a few toy planes from string.
  • Food ideas: Serve a cake with a train track fashioned out of icing. Or, you could even set up a toy train set to circle your cake. All aboard!
  • Game ideas: Play a game that celebrates the “ABCs”. Give guests 3 minutes to try and name a type of car that starts with every letter of the alphabet. The winner could also take home something on-theme like a collection of brand new Hot Wheels cars.
Pilot Baby

Pilot Baby by Bethany Anderson



Have you considered a French theme? Ooh-la-la! There are so many creative ways to carry this theme forward. Use an invite that reflects this direction and have a menu that showcases the cuisine that France is known for.

  • Decor ideas: Mirroring a French flower market, use large, tall silver vases and fill them to the brim with flowers. These are perfect for the base of the buffet table or gift table.
  • Food ideas: Serve traditional French pastries, including croissants, eclairs, canneles, and macaroons.
  • Drink ideas: True to French form, offer champagne to those who can drink and sparkling water or cider to those who cannot.
Bonjour Bebe

Bonjour Bebe by Jamie Alexander



There are countless directions you can take a rubber duckie theme because now there is practically a rubber duckie made in every style and passion imaginable. If you are leaning toward a gender reveal party, use the tagline “Waddle it Be?” on your invitations or party signage. Guests can then be asked to mark their guess if the baby will be a mallard or drake.

  • Decor ideas: It’s imperative that you use white bubble balloons to represent white bath suds. Create a decorative bath look with rubber duckies floating on top of the balloons when guests enter the shower.
  • Food ideas: Create the illusion of ducks floating on water by making cups of blue jello with a thin layer of whipped cream on the top. Then place a miniature rubber duck on top.
  • Game ideas: Fill a small kiddie pool with a collection of mini rubber duckies and have guests guess how many are in it. Guests can then take home a duckie or two at the end of the event as a party favor.
Double Quack

Double Quack by Adelyn T.



Let’s face it, everyone loves tacos. At Minted we have catered lunches for our employees twice a week and taco day is always the favorite. Why not host a shower where you “Taco ‘bout a baby!” It’s time to have a fiesta and celebrate the mom-to-be, starting with themed invitations and decor from south of the border.

  • Decor idea: Set up an Instagram-worthy food table with big gold balloons that say “Taco Bout A Baby.” Sprinkle some green mylar cactus-shaped balloons around your venue as well.
  • Food ideas: Serve tacos, of course! Set up a taco bar your guests won’t forget.
  • Game ideas: Use a baby stork pinata and fill it with candy your guests can take home to their family.
Nacho Baby

Nacho Baby by Joanna Griffin



Hosting a brunch is a unique idea because you can serve appetizers, food, and drinks you may not usually prepare for house guests. Think quiches, bear claws, and even miniature sandwiches. You could even choose to have elements of the party occur in your garden or outdoor patio.

  • Decor ideas: Have a flower crown made for the mom-to-be to wear and have your venue space decorated with fresh flowers and garlands everywhere.
  • Favor ideas: Let guests choose from an assortment of colorful potted succulents, which can serve as decor throughout the party.
  • Food ideas: Serve traditional brunch items like donuts, pastries, and croissants. Set up a make-your-own parfait bar!


Brunch for Baby

Brunch for Baby by Lauren Chism


There are many different types of baby showers that can be thrown in celebration of a newborn arriving. Because it can get confusing and you may be trying to decide what type of shower to hold, we’ve outlined each shower type below.



A traditional baby shower is held in honor of the mom-to-be, and is typically organized and hosted by a close friend. Choose a classic blue, pink, or neutral color scheme for the baby shower invitations and party decor.


A couples shower celebrates both parents, so include both names on the invitation. Consider using ‘celebration’ as opposed to ‘shower’ and pick an invitation design that will appeal to a co-ed guest list.


A gender reveal, usually hosted by the parents-to-be, is a special moment to share with friends and family. Make it clear on invites that the gender of the baby will be unveiled to all in attendance. Use a sealed note from the sonographer to keep it a surprise!


A sip and see, also referred to as a “welcome baby party” is a low-key party hosted to introduce a newborn to friends and family after the birth. Like an open house, guests can come and go, enjoy a beverage, and meet the baby in a casual setting.


After their first child, some families prefer a sprinkle party instead of a full blown shower. Diapers may be all they need! Let guests know in the invitation.


When celebrating an adoption, the timing of the event will vary depending on the nature of the adoption and the comfort level of the parents-to-be. The family may prefer to have the shower before the baby arrives or after the baby is welcomed home.