Baby Shower Ideas

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Baby Shower Invitation: On Safari

If you’re hosting a baby shower, first check with the parents-to-be to see what type of shower they would like. Whether they want a couples shower, a sip and see, or a sprinkle, the type of shower will help establish the timing of the event, the guest list, and the type of gifts the guests should bring. Use the baby shower invitation to share this information with the guests. Next, pick a theme for the invitations, snacks, party decor, games, and favors to give the whole event a cohesive look.

Types of Showers


A traditional baby shower is held in honor of the mom-to-be, and is typically organized and hosted by a close friend. Choose a classic blue, pink, or neutral color scheme, or a fun theme for the baby shower invitations and party decor.


A couples shower celebrates both parents, so include both names on the invitation. Consider using ‘celebration’ as opposed to ‘shower’ and pick an invitation design that will appeal to a co-ed guest list.


A gender reveal, usually hosted by the parents-to-be, is a special moment to share with friends and family. Make it clear in case guests are unfamiliar with the gender reveal idea. Use a sealed note from the sonographer to keep it a surprise!


A Sip and See is a low-key party idea to introduce Baby to friends and family after the birth on the parents’ terms. Like an open house, guests can come and go, enjoy a beverage, and meet Baby in a casual setting.


After their first child, some families prefer a sprinkle instead of a shower. Diapers may be all they need! Let guests know in the invitation.


When celebrating an adoption, the timing of the event will vary depending on the nature of the adoption and the comfort level of the parents-to-be. The family may prefer to have the shower before the baby arrives or after the baby is welcomed home.

Baby Shower Themes

You Are My Sunshine

Create a cheerful theme with all-yellow treats and decor. Think lemonade, sun-shaped cupcake toppers, and bright bouquets.

Twinkle Twinkle

Hanging stars and moons, shaped cookies or rice crispy treats, and glittery decor complete a whimsical party look. Cut out star-shaped note cards so guests can write a ‘wish upon a star’ for Baby.


Honey jars make great favors for this buzzy shower theme, paired with sunny yellow tulips and black and yellow decor. Natural honey skincare products make great gifts for Mom and Baby too.


A barbecue is perfect for a couple shower with a co-ed guest list. Choose outdoor games that get the guys involved too!

Woodland Wonder

Wildflowers and greenery are a simple way to decorate a boho baby shower. Consider potted plants and herbs for favors and an invitation with a floral motif or cute critters.


Palm leaves and gold painted animal figurines are an elevated take on this shower theme, and tropical drinks and fresh fruit top it off.

Adventure Awaits

Welcome Baby to the world with a travel themed shower. Use maps as a backdrop or garland and transform balloons into hot air balloons with baskets and string. Pack a piece of luggage with gifts for Mom and set up a baggage claim station with favors for the guests.

A Baby Is Brewing

Whether your brew of choice is tea, coffee, or beer, this theme is easy to adapt to classic and co-ed showers. Simply add snacks that pair with the beverage, stir well, and enjoy!

Book Shower

Use the invitation to let guests know to bring baby and children’s books—a clever idea for a sprinkle if the parents don’t need many gifts. From Dr. Seuss to classic fairy tales, choose decor and games inspired by favorite stories.

Mom-osa Bar

Perfect for a baby shower brunch, set up a mimosa bar with fresh fruits and juices to create a colorful and delicious display.