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This is a brown art by Lorent and Leif called Through The Woods.
Through The Woodsby Lorent and Leif

This is a brown art by Iveta Angelova called Rustic Geometry 1.
Rustic Geometry 1by Iveta Angelova

This is a green art by Kristine Sarley called Hard & Soft.
Hard & Softby Kristine Sarley

This is a yellow art by Parima Studio called Emberley.
Emberleyby Parima Studio

This is a blue art by Lorent and Leif called Domino Effect.
Domino Effectby Lorent and Leif
Fall Abstract Seascapeby Caryn Owen
Geo Abstractby Angel Walker
Abstract Pacific Seascape Diptych 1by Caryn Owen
Abstract Pacific Seascape Diptych 2by Caryn Owen
Pacific Seascapeby Caryn Owen
Otonioby Parima Studio
Beach Housesby Kamala Nahas