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This is a brown art by cyrille gulassa called Blaze.
Blazeby cyrille gulassa

This is a blue art by Sara Hicks Malone called tonality II.
tonality IIby Sara Hicks Malone

This is a white art by Leanne Friedberg called quilt block 03.
quilt block 03by Leanne Friedberg

This is a white art by Creo Study called Refractions.
Refractionsby Creo Study

This is a black and white art by Susanne Kasielke called Boats on a river.
Boats on a riverby Susanne Kasielke

This is a yellow art by Kelly Nasuta called Abstract Layers 1.
Abstract Layers 1by Kelly Nasuta

This is a brown art by Carrie Moradi called organic stack.
organic stackby Carrie Moradi
paper melodyby Carrie Moradi
Construct 9 by Ashleigh Ninos
Shiftingby Kelly Nasuta
Landscapeby Bethania Lima
Weatheredby Melanie Severin
Tipping Pointby Kara Kosaka