luxe framing and mounting

luxe framing
and mounting

Discover the highest quality frame and mounting options
exclusive to Minted to pair with your limited edition art.

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Frame of Reference

18 frames. 4 finishes. 13 sizes. Find the perfect frame to suit your unique art piece.

Framing detail view
Wall of Frames
Choosing Top Image

How to Choose a Frame


Pick the right texture—a textured wood frame pairs well with a nature-inspired print, while a sleek metal frame looks great with abstract work.


Decide which colors in your artwork you want to bring out, then pick a frame that complements that color. For a black and white print, a wood frame can bring warmth and unexpected color.

Choosing Top Image
Choosing Top Image


We offer two types of glass: UV Plexi Glass & Standard Plexi Glass. If your art is opposite a strong natural light source, we recommend choosing UV Plexi Glass, which has a non-glare finish.

At a Glance

Ways to Mount
Your Art

Float Mounted


Full Bleed (Standard)

float mounting

A dramatic display option where the artwork floats on top of archival, museum-grade 100% cotton mat board.

Float mounting detail

Use float mounting to achieve a contemporary and elevated look. We think float mounting works best with artwork that has an organic edge.

What to Float Mount:

  • sketches and figure drawings
  • print-making techniques (like block prints or lithography)
  • watercolor
  • contemporary photography
Float mounted art on a wall
A Trail to Follow Art Print
Fine Art Print

byJennifer Daily

Alameda, CA

Layers Art Print
Fine Art Print

byJaime Derringer

San Diego, CA

Model9 Art Print
Fine Art Print

byMiranda Mol


Linked Art Print
Fine Art Print

byBethania Lima

Santiago, Chile


Matted art is a traditional look that is used by galleries looking to show work in a more classical presentation.

Matting detail

Matting works well with art that is centralized on the paper, as it provides a double frame effect for the work and draws the eye inward.

What to Mat:

  • traditional paintings
  • oil and acrylics
  • rustic art
  • traditional photography
Matted art on a wall
Ice Canyon Fine Art Print
Fine Art Print

byMya Bessette

Bigfork, MT

Light and Reflection Fine Art Print
Fine Art Print

byRobert Deem

Windsor, CA

Road Trip 2 Fine Art Print
Fine Art Print

byLynne Millar

Tracy, CA

In the Distance Fine Art Print
Fine Art Print

byMelanie Severin

Lloydminster, CA

full bleed

As opposed to matted art, which draws the eye inward to a central focus, this treatment draws the eye outward lending itself to more detailed works.

Full bleed detail

This contemporary look works well with any style, but is specifically impactful with contemporary photography. It's a great way to maximize the scale of your art by stretching the image edge to edge.

What to Display
with Full Bleed:

  • contemporary photography
  • intricately detailed art
  • abstract expressionism
Full bleed art on a wall
Hard & Soft Fine Art Print
Fine Art Print

byKristine Sarley

Chicago, IL

Anemone Fine Art Print
Fine Art Print

byDenise Wong

New York, NY

study the pi Fine Art Print
Fine Art Print

byvan tsao

New York, NY

Geo Abstract Fine Art Print
Fine Art Print

byAngel Walker

Minneapolis, MN


Artwork printed on textured canvas, rather than smooth paper. Now available framed in premium wood.

Canvas detail

Opt for canvas to achieve the look of an original hand-painted work. Our unframed canvas is a lightweight alternative to heavier frames for an extra safe way to display children’s art.

What to Display
on Canvas:

  • oil paintings
  • abstracts
  • any work originally painted on canvas
  • children’s art
Canvas art on a wall
Squiggles Art Print
Art Print

byCamille Pietro

Cascade Art Print
Art Print

bySonal Nathwani

Vienna, AT

Bosc pears Art Print
Art Print

byLiz Innvar

Accord, NY

Tarek Art Print
Art Print

byMande Calhoun

Charleston, SC

The Minted Art Hanging Guide

  1. Unpack your Minted art!

    We pack every piece carefully and deliver it with all the hardware installed, so it’s ready to hang straight out of the box.

  2. Decide where you’d like it to go.

    If you’d like guidance, text us your photo to work with a Minted art stylist.

  3. Find the right height.

    Use a measuring tape to measure 58"-62" inches from the floor to the middle of the fine art print, based on preference. We recommend using painter’s tape to mark where you’d like the top and bottom of your art to hit.

  4. Check your hardware.

    Turn your art over and see if your art is framed with hanging wire, corner brackets, D-rings, or a sawtooth bracket. For specific instructions on hanging wire, corner brackets, D-rings, and sawtooth brackets, follow these steps.