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This is a white art by Kristine Sarley called Hard & Soft with standard.
Hard & Softby Kristine Sarley

This is a ivory art by Angel Walker called Chevron Flow.
Chevron Flowby Angel Walker

This is a blue art by Angel Walker called Geo Abstract with standard.
Geo Abstractby Angel Walker

This is a blue art by Lorent and Leif called Domino Effect.
Domino Effectby Lorent and Leif

This is a colorful art by Jessica C. Nugent called Days in Paris with standard.
Days in Parisby Jessica C. Nugent

This is a blue art by Julia Contacessi called Sacred Beginning No. 2 with standard.
Sacred Beginning No. 2by Julia Contacessi

This is a black and white art by Melanie Severin called Ever Softly.
Ever Softlyby Melanie Severin
Stoic 012by jinseikou
Stoic 011by jinseikou
Mesmerizeby Melanie Severin
Whispering Pinesby Alison Jerry Designs
Tipping Pointby Kara Kosaka
Eucalyptus Foliageby jinseikou
Palmery 2by Catherine Culvenor
Pacific Seascapeby Caryn Owen
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