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This is a blue art by Michelle Lee called Surrounding.
Surroundingby Michelle Lee

This is a green art by Kristine Sarley called Hard & Soft.
Hard & Softby Kristine Sarley

This is a grey art by Kate Ahn called Mother Embrace Color.
Mother Embrace Colorby Kate Ahn

This is a blue art by Julia Contacessi called Sacred Beginning No. 1.
Sacred Beginning No. 1by Julia Contacessi

This is a black and white art by Melanie Severin called Embodied3.
Embodied3by Melanie Severin

This is a blue art by Marta Spendowska called Blue Embrace / Sky over Ocean.
Blue Embrace / Sky over Oceanby Marta Spendowska

This is a white art by Natalie Ryan called Leafy Bowers.
Leafy Bowersby Natalie Ryan

This is a blue art by Karen Kardatzke called Cool Reflections.
Cool Reflectionsby Karen Kardatzke

This is a blue art by Lindsay Megahed called misty forest.
misty forestby Lindsay Megahed
Begonia Monsterasby jinseikou
Endless summerby A Real Peach Studio
Modern Stripesby Mary Gaspar
Weatheredby Melanie Severin
Moon Tides IIby Eloise Bound
on the beachby Lulaloo
Indigo Inkby Erin McCluskey Wheeler
Ever Softlyby Melanie Severin
Eucalyptus Foliageby jinseikou