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This is a blue art by Michelle Lee called Surrounding.
Surroundingby Michelle Lee

This is a green art by Kristine Sarley called Hard & Soft.
Hard & Softby Kristine Sarley

This is a grey art by Kate Ahn called Mother Embrace Color.
Mother Embrace Colorby Kate Ahn

This is a blue art by Julia Contacessi called Sacred Beginning No. 1.
Sacred Beginning No. 1by Julia Contacessi

This is a black and white art by Melanie Severin called Embodied3.
Embodied3by Melanie Severin

This is a blue art by Marta Spendowska called Blue Embrace / Sky over Ocean.
Blue Embrace / Sky over Oceanby Marta Spendowska

This is a white art by Natalie Ryan called Leafy Bowers.
Leafy Bowersby Natalie Ryan

This is a blue art by Lindsay Megahed called misty forest.
misty forestby Lindsay Megahed

This is a green art by jinseikou called Begonia Monsteras.
Begonia Monsterasby jinseikou
Endless summerby A Real Peach Studio
Modern Stripesby Mary Gaspar
Weatheredby Melanie Severin
Moon Tides IIby Eloise Bound
on the beachby Lulaloo
Indigo Inkby Erin McCluskey Wheeler