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Custom Party Invitations for Any Theme


People don’t send snail mail as often as they used to, which is why receiving a beautiful paper invitation in the mail today is such a treat! A custom invitation sets the tone for your special event and creates anticipation. Adding photos to an engagement announcement, 50th birthday party, or a backyard barbeque adds a personal touch that keeps your guests engaged and excited for the big day. Our collection of custom party invitations are perfect for events hosted throughout the year.

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with a beautiful gold foil invite. Special touches like custom stamps and professionally printed address labeling will add to the excitement. Mailed invites are also a great way to get your friends and family excited for graduations, birthdays, cocktail parties, housewarming gatherings, and special dinner parties. Achieving the perfect party atmosphere starts with invitations. Explore Minted’s variety of invitations and make alterations that reflect your personality and party goals.

Our site offers a large selection of cards featuring one-of-a-kind, custom art created by independent artists. Minted focuses on bringing artists’ work to life by printing their beautiful works of art onto various forms of stationery, including party invites. Browse through designs submitted by an ever-growing list of artists located all over the world. As new submissions are received, we continue to refresh our design offerings to ensure our card options remain modern and chic. Minted’s selection of invitations varies from sophisticated and classical to fun and bold, and everything in between. Whatever party you are planning to host, we guarantee that you can find an invitation design to complement.


Minted invitations and greeting cards can be customized to fit every occasion. Showcase your eye for creativity by choosing designs, fonts, and color combinations that capture your unique essence. Support independent artists while also adding your own collaborative touch. Minted’s customization tool allows you to add your own flair with ease. Here are a few tips for creating custom party invitations through Minted:

  • Paper choice Pick the right type of paper to announce your event. Minted offers luxurious choices in cardstock that differ in thickness, texture, finish, and more. Take a look at our options below:
    • Our signature paper offering has been printed exclusively for Minted since our founding more than a decade ago. The paper has a smooth cotton texture our customers have grown to love.
    • Pearlescent paper is perfect for invitations featuring a personal image, as the shimmer finish helps lift imagery with a slight glow.
    • For those eco-conscious shoppers, go green by choosing a 100% recycled paper. This option is great if you are hosting an outdoor or rustic event or planning a corporate outing and want to reduce your carbon footprint.
    • Our double thick cardstock is sturdy and adds a subtle dimension of class and sophistication to your correspondence.
    • Triple thick paper is the heaviest weight paper offered through Minted. The creamy cotton finish and thick presentation will not go overlooked by your recipients.
  • Text and fonts: The small details matter! Choose a font that compliments your party theme. Convey simple elegance with an italic or script font, or go fun and bold with a blocky font that dominates the design. Minted’s customizer allows you to edit the font style, colors, and the location of your text.
  • Card shape: Choosing a shape that reflects the mood of the event is a great way to bring some personality to an event invitation. Consider a silhouetted shape, scalloped edge, or rounded edges to make your mailer stand out from the pack. For example, a small rounded or square-shaped invitation for a cocktail party could double as a coaster! Especially if you choose to print the card on our double-thick or triple-thick cardstock.
  • Add foil: Foil-press designs add a sophisticated and festive touch to your paper invitations. Look for designs that have a “real foil, see it shine” call out below them and customize them to shine with gold, silver, rose-gold, and other eye-catching foil options.
  • Styled addressing: Minted offers complimentary recipient addressing on your envelopes. That’s right, we will professionally print your recipient’s names and addresses on each envelope in the font and style of your choosing. Our envelopes can also be ordered in a variety of colors like classic white, speckletone kraft paper, or pearlescent silver. Separate patterned envelope liners add an unexpected pop of color to your envelope.
  • Return address customization: Add a styled return address or address labels to your invitation order. Return addresses can be printed directly onto the envelope or added as a skinnywrapTM sticker label. These sticker labels wrap around the envelope from front to back and seal your mailer with class. These small design touches make the mailing process a breeze.
  • Personalized stamp: Custom postage stamps are another great way to add a photo of your family or pet to your invitation. Upload an image on the Minted website and create postage stamps that add a personal touch to any correspondence. Halloween party invites would look great with a stamp that features your family’s costumes or a drawing of a jack-o-lantern. Having a backyard bash? Pick some colorful cocktail umbrella postage stamps to complete your invitation.
  • Matching thank you: Sending a follow-up message a week or two after the party to your friends and family will show your guests how much their attendance was appreciated. Add folded thank you cards to your order that match the style of your original invite. Thanking your guests for attending, contributing to a potluck, or bringing a gift helps you round out your hosting duties and leaves a lasting impression.


From holiday parties to baby sprinkles, we know there are plenty of reasons you could be organizing a celebration. For this reason, we have created hundreds and hundreds of invitation designs perfect for any occasion. Below are some of the more popular party types:

  • Holiday party: Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with appropriately themed holiday party invitations. Invite your loved ones to your Kwanzaa, Christmas, or Hanukkah celebrations in style. Choose from religious, non-denominational, minimalist, funny, or custom photo designs to share event details with your guests. Sort through cards that feature reindeer, Santa Claus, candy canes, snowflakes, a dreidel, a menorah, and so much more! Catchy sayings such as “let’s mingle and jingle”, or “holiday soiree” are perfectly on theme.
  • Cocktail party: Minted has the perfect invitations for cocktail parties throughout the year. Designs range from minimal, whimsical, festive, and even holiday-themed. Invite your friends over for a cocktail brunch, bachelorette party drinks, or a backyard tiki bash. Use our search box in the upper right-hand corner and search for “cocktail party invitations.”
  • Birthday party: Is your super kid having a birthday party? Minted has kids birthday invitations to match popular adolescent themes like superheroes, farm animals, outer space, unicorns, and so much more. Our editable designs allow you to include the important details such as time, location, and superhero costume requirements.

    A customizable photo invitation is a beautiful way to celebrate milestone events in your life. Adding a photo of your child to an invitation creates memories before the event even begins. A custom photo card also makes for a great keepsake! Hang the card on grandma’s fridge or include it in a scrapbook that commemorates your family’s milestones, celebrations, and life events.

    Milestone celebrations aren’t just for little ones, adults can party, too! A birthday barbecue or twilight dinner party are just two ideas for grown-up birthday parties. Perusing the variety of invitations featured on Minted will give you great ideas for party themes.

  • Dinner party: Dinner parties are instantly elevated when guests receive a beautiful paper invitation in the mail. A variety of artwork and themes are available to match your evening soiree. For more formal events, such as rehearsal dinners, consider a foil-pressed design or traditional design to set the right tone.
  • Thanksgiving meal: Hosting Friendsgiving this year? Thanksgiving dinner brings everyone together. Look through our invites that include images of turkeys, pumpkin pie, pilgrims, and autumn leaves. Add your contact information so your friends and family can let you know what they’re bringing to the table. Don’t forget the pumpkin postage stamp!
  • Housewarming party: Congratulations on your move! Nothing beats spending time with your friends in family in a space that you can call your own. Consider one of our designs that features suitcases, a silhouette of a house, or a mailbox. Sending a mailer will not only invite your guests to your party but also update everyone of your new address.
  • Lunar New Year: Celebrate Lunar New Year with gorgeous party invites that depict colorful lanterns traditionally used to ring in the New Year. Follow the lantern theme through with your party decor for a cohesive event. Another design idea could include the use of oranges. Oranges are a symbol of fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. Feature this fruit in your card, on the address labeling, or on the stamp.
  • Sprinkle party: A sprinkle is traditionally a more low-key even to celebrate a second or third bundle of joy. Minted has everything baby-themed covered. Browse our sprinkle-themed invitations that have fun imagery of sprinkles on doughnuts or large text reading “number 2”.

For even more designs specific to certain celebrations, be sure to toggle through our filter options at the top left of this page. We have organized or designs by more than 15 different celebration themes.