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This is a white art by Kate Baird called Men in Red.
Men in Redby Kate Baird

This is a black and white art by Kisco Print Shop called Circle of Friends.
Circle of Friendsby Kisco Print Shop

This is a pink kids wall art by Rega called Flamingo Portrait III.
Flamingo Portrait IIIby Rega

This is a pink art by Melanie Severin called Lush Composition.
Lush Compositionby Melanie Severin

This is a blue art by Lauren Adams called Morning River.
Morning Riverby Lauren Adams

This is a white art by Kelly Nasuta called Abstract Muted 1.
Abstract Muted 1by Kelly Nasuta

This is a yellow art by Lindsay Stetson Thompson called balance no.2.
balance no.2by Lindsay Stetson Thompson