Art PrintsTo Hold Our Destiny

by Gray Star Design
"To Hold Our Destiny" - Art Print by Gray Star Design in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.

Art PrintsTo Hold Our Destiny

by Gray Star Design
Color & Size

Black and White

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$23 - $25

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Shakespeare's beautiful words are featured in this print in a classic, yet elegant type. What is our destiny? Do we create the future for ourselves? Shall we look to the stars for guidance or does the galaxy tell our tale of stories? I feel this quote is a perfect statement to these thoughts - as we are the ones who define our fate. We are the ones who create our destiny. We hold our future in our hands.

  • Frame Size

    5.9" x 7.9"

  • Image Size

    5" x 7"

  • Framed Weight

    0.6 lbs

  • Printing

    Deluxe Pigment Ink

  • Hardware