Dried FloralsPreserved Salal Greenery | 10-15stems | Green


Dried FloralsPreserved Salal Greenery | 10-15stems | Green


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Preserved Greenery - your new best friend when it comes to prepping your wedding florals!
Beautifully preserved salal greenery stems, also known as lemonleaf, to incorporate into bouquets, centerpieces, garlands and arches, or to simply pop into your vase for a greenery bouquet.

❀ 6oz bundle (sold by weight, approx. 10-15 stems)
❀ Bundle Height: 20" tall
❀ Leaf Size: Relatively large leaves (2.5-3" wide, 3.5-4" long)
❀ Preserved + Dyed
❀ Grown + Made in USA
❀ Fast Shipping: Ships from Oregon and usually ships out within 1-7 days.

❀ 100% Real (not faux, not synthetic)
❀ 100% Waterless
❀ Lasts for Years, Easy Care
❀ Preserved ("Preserved" is a specialized type of "dried" greenery that allows the greenery to keep similar shape, flexibility, and ease of use as fresh greenery)
❀ Stress-Free: Order ahead of time and prepare your florals at your own pace and on your own timeline
❀ Re-Love After Your Wedding: Use as longer term home décor, Pass-Them-On to another bride or friend in need, or Re-Sell to recoup some of your floral investment!
♻ Eco-Friendly, Sustainably Produced, Contributes toward a Circular Waste-Free Economy

WHAT IS A DIY FLOWER BUNDLE? - DIY Stems are shipped largely in their natural form (e.g. longer stems, bulkier stems and/or multiple flowers or offshoot stems per main stem). This helps maximize the product's versatility and ease of use for each bride to create their own unique floral designs. DIY stems may need to be trimmed, shaped, or arranged by themselves or with other florals until the desired look is achieved. Images generally reflect some trimming, shaping, and/or arranging.

• Each flower, stem, bundle, and harvesting/processing batch will vary in all characteristics (such as size, shape, color, volume, stem or flower count, weight, scent presence or strength or lack thereof, natural/seasonal/processing blemishes, etc.). Variation and blemishes are to be expected and embraced with natural products.
• Coloring is approximate, will appear differently under different lighting conditions due to light capture or reflection, will differ due to computer/phone/camera resolution, and may have multi-colored appearance that is not captured in images. Product is offered for décor-aesthetic only and not for aromatic, scent, edible, or any other purpose.
• Relatively Delicate. Handle with care. Breakage and shedding is normal, will occur, and should be expected.
• Affected by extreme humidity, extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, excessive handling, and water.
• Approximations provided.

Product Specifications

Length: 14 in.
Height: 20 in.
Width: 8 in.
Weight: 0.38 lbs.

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    It does not qualify for promotions and can not be returned if personalized (some exceptions apply).

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