Vanity Trays and DishesMarble Vanity Tray (CAPPUCCINO)

Sold & Shipped by the parmatile shop

Vanity Trays and DishesMarble Vanity Tray (CAPPUCCINO)

Sold & Shipped by the parmatile shop

A simple vanity tray that places emphasis on the marble it is cut from and elevates the items placed on it. This piece is our heritage piece, the piece that inspired our entire brand.

LA NUIT NUDE (Black): the perfect neutral marble to match any decor. black veins add a touch of dimension. portuguese marble.

ANTIQUE ROQUEFORT (Blue): a creamy blue-green marble that inspires thoughts of antique villas in europe + roquefort cheese. an element that is served on a landscape of lace, linen, porcelain and wood. indian marble.

TINOS GREEN (Dark Green): an emerald green marble hailing from Tinos, a Greek Cycladic island located next to Mykonos. greek marble.

RIVER JADE (Light Green): a jade-like marble reminiscent of rice paddy fields in bali. vibrant energy coupled with an eternal calm. asian marble.

MILKY GALAXY (Purple): a special marble that has been changing color since it left its home in namibia. as purple introduces itself into the traditional milky blue + white this stone seems to be following its right to sunset. african marble.

IRON RED: red hot lava flowing through molten rock with veins of metallic silver make this stone nothing short of a statement. brazilian marble.

Product Specifications

Length: 14 in.
Height: 0.75 in.
Width: 7 in.
Weight: 7 lbs.

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