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This is a blue art by Karen Kardatzke called Coffee Filtered Light.
Coffee Filtered Lightby Karen Kardatzke

This is a brown art by Iveta Angelova called Rustic Geometry 1.
Rustic Geometry 1by Iveta Angelova

This is a ivory art by Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos called Lake dreams.
Lake dreamsby Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos

This is a yellow art by Parima Studio called Emberley.
Emberleyby Parima Studio

This is a black and white art by Karen Kaul called More Alike than Not.
More Alike than Notby Karen Kaul

This is a blue art by Sara Hicks Malone called peekaboo II.
peekaboo IIby Sara Hicks Malone

This is a blue art by Field and Sky called View of the Water.
View of the Waterby Field and Sky

This is a blue art by Field and Sky called From Where I Stand.
From Where I Standby Field and Sky
Moving Mountains IIby Kayla King
The Fast Bridgeby Christian Fernandez
The Shorelineby Melanie Sutherland
Fringeby Lindsay Megahed
Running in Circlesby Pati Cascino
Moon Tides Iby Eloise Bound
City Dreamby Field and Sky
Refractionsby Creo Study
Abstract Pacific Seascape Diptych 1by Caryn Owen
Abstract Pacific Seascape Diptych 2by Caryn Owen
Post Lampby Marc Russel Fernandez
bird chatterby Carrie Moradi
Figure on Figureby Allison Belolan