A Holiday Card & Keepsake in One

Pair the custom vellum overlay with an art print or photo that your friends and family can keep; or, use the vellum to create a fun or beautiful reveal.

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How It Works


Choose and Customize Your Vellum Overlay

Starting at $1.99 per overlay.


Choose and Customize an Accompaniment Card

A curated assortment of unique art prints and photo designs. Starting at $0.69 per card.


Share more on the back

Customize the back of your accompaniment card with your photo and message.


Translucent vellum creates a luxurious layered look that transforms your holiday card into an expression of personal style.

The New Holiday Letter

Use a vellum overlay as an elegant way to share your annual holiday letter.

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Hand-written Holiday by Lindsay Stetson Thompson
overlayed on
Simple Frame by Lindsay Stetson Thompson

Annual Letter by Minted
overlayed on
The Big Picture by Minted

Hope Shine by Amy Kross
overlayed on
The Big Picture by Minted

Give a Keepsake

Customize a vellum overlay with your greeting and commemorate special moments with a photo your friends and family can keep.

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Snow Globe Pine Branches by Alethea and Ruth
overlayed on
The Big Picture by Minted

Dotted Tree Frame by Baumbirdy
overlayed on
The Big Picture by Minted

Graphic Joy by Kristie Kern
overlayed on
The Big Picture by Minted

Give Art

Send a message of warmth with a vellum overlay and a beautiful art piece from Minted’s community of independent artists, tranformed into a thoughtful gift with your photo on the back.

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Gold Letter Peace by Zhay Smith
overlayed on
Season’s Best by Shannon

Simple Things by Annie Clark
overlayed on
Christmas In Jupiter by Maja Cunningham

Cadeau by Carrie ONeal
overlayed on
Painted Venice Cityscape by Oana Prints

Design Your Own

Layer with letterpress or foil-pressed cards for an extra luxe look. Letterpress and foil-pressed cards sold separately.

Aeris by AK Graphics

Vellum Overlays ▶︎

Gilded Pine Edge by Angela Thompson

Letterpress Cards ▶︎

Enchanted Holiday by Jennifer Postorino

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Luxe Accessories

Elevate your holiday card with the perfect finishing touches. Ribbon and wax seals sold separately.

Unique Base Card Designs

Pair your customized vellum overlay with photo designs or unique art prints from our community of independent artists.

The Big Picture


Simple Frame

byLindsay Stetson Thompson

The Big Picture


Winter Wander


Penguin Portrait

byLori Wemple


byParima Studio


by jinseikou

Painted Venice cityscape

byOana Prints

ornament evergreen


winter baby deer

byCass Loh

Bouquet Branches

byHannah Williams


byNazia Hyder


byLindsay Stetson Thompson


byKatie Short


byCaryn Owen


byDenise Wong

Mountain Shadows

byChristina Flowers

Season's Best



byJordan Sondler

Floral Peace


Reindeer Love

byCass Loh

Untitled 1b

byJaime Derringer

Festive Bear

byEve Schultz


byKristi Jackson

through the trees

byKeely Norton Owendoff

Christmas in Jupiter

byMaja Cunningham

Classic Christmas

byCassandra Imagines


What is vellum?
Vellum is a smooth, translucent paper used to create a rich layered look for fine stationery. We’ve paired luxe vellum overlays with unique keepsake cards to create one-of-a-kind holiday cards.
What kinds of vellum overlay designs can I choose from?
Choose from customizable vellum overlay designs featuring your family letter, a holiday greeting, or playful overlays revealing a photo underneath.
How do I choose the base card?
After personalizing your vellum overlay, you’ll be taken to the vellum accessories page. You’ll be able to choose and personalize your base card from unique art prints and photo designs.
How do I keep it all together?
Tie your look together with twine to put that perfect finishing touch on your holiday card.