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Baby Shower 101

Baby showers bring people together, celebrate a new life, and create memories that can last a lifetime. If this is your first time hosting one, congratulations! It’s a great honor - and it’s also a lot of work! Check out a few pointers and frequently asked questions about how to plan a baby shower that everyone will remember...Read More ▶︎

Fun Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

So you’re throwing a baby shower! If you’re looking for fun baby shower games that everyone will actually enjoy, read on. Like a lot of big milestone events, baby showers can bring together a multi-generational group of people from all areas of the mom-to-be’s life - everyone from close family to new friends. So, you’ll want to make sure that any games or activities are fun, inclusive, and easy to explain... Read More ▶︎

Baby Shower Menu Ideas & Tips

You’re throwing a baby shower. It’s gonna be a big deal. You've picked out a theme, bought decorations, invited the perfect list of guests. But baby shower food is a whole task unto itself. If you’re looking for baby shower treats or meal planning ideas, read on for a few tips & tricks... Read More ▶︎

Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re hosting a baby shower, first check with the parents-to-be to see what type of shower they would like. Whether they want a couples shower, a sip and see, or a sprinkle, the type of shower will help establish the timing of the event, the guest list, and the type of gifts the guests should bring... Read More ▶︎

Every Style of Pregnancy Announcements

It’s big exciting news! So you’re expecting! Congrats. It’s a big moment and how you share the news is entirely up to you. Here are a few ideas that might get you inspired for how to tell the world about your bundle of joy, no matter what your personal style... Read More ▶︎

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

The gender reveal party: a popular take on the traditional baby shower, but with a little extra surprise at the end. If you’re planning the party, you’re probably close to the parents-to-be (or maybe you ARE the parents-to-be), so of course you’ll want everything to be perfect... Read More ▶︎

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

You’re invited to a baby shower, and you couldn’t be more excited. You’ve picked out a gift you know the parents-to-be will love, and you’ve wrapped it beautifully. (Need a little inspiration? Check out our gorgeous selection of gift wraps and gift tags, all designed by independent artists.)...Read More ▶︎

New Baby Congratulations Cards

A new baby is a joyous occasion, not just for the new parents but also for their extended family and friends. If you’ve just gotten the good news, make sure to send off a handwritten note of congratulation at the earliest opportunity. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to write, so we’ve included a few general guidelines here...Read More ▶︎

Baby Quotes

If you’re sending a card to a new or expectant mom, it can be nice to include some quotes as part of your message. Babies are a universal experience, so there are lots of ideas out there, from famous celebrities to everyday moms and dads. Here are just a few...Read More ▶︎

Inspiring Quotes about Mothers and Motherhood

The right time to call your mom - or send her a text, a note, or even a super-cute custom-designed card - is pretty much always. After all, she gave you life, food, and your best personality traits (okay, maybe a few of your worst, too)... Read More ▶︎

Graduation Party Ideas

So, someone you love is graduating from something. This can mean only one thing: it’s time to turn up those party planning skills. Graduation parties can happen for a wide range of reasons these days, for everything from kindergarten graduation to code school valedictions. There are a few tips for graduation party planning no matter what special occasion you’re celebrating... Read More ▶︎

Practical Grad Gift Ideas

Whether you’re a mom, auntie, uncle, next-door neighbor, coworker, this time of year means that you probably know somebody who’s graduating from something. Maybe it’s kindergarten or maybe it’s an MBA, but you’ve got something to celebrate. If you’re looking for gift ideas for the grad in your life, read on for some practical suggestions they might actually really love... Read More ▶︎

Graduation Announcement Etiquette & Wording

Exams were aced, essays were written, credits were earned—now there’s just one more thing: how to word your graduation announcements. No matter which unique design you choose, you’ll need to know what information to include on them. Below, we’ve made it easy to word the perfect graduation announcement...Read More ▶︎