Christmas Baby Announcement Ideas

Ideas for Memorable Holiday & Baby Due at Christmas Announcement Cards

Happy Holidays! We are so thrilled that you’re expecting or already have a little one in your arms. With the Holiday season among us, there is no better time to add to the merriment of the season than with a Holiday Season/Christmas Baby Announcement! We have compiled a list of Christmas baby announcement ideas that will fill you and your loved ones with cheer. So turn on Elf, light a spruce scented candle, and warm up with some peppermint cocoa because it’s time to get started!

Ultimate Joy Holiday Birth Announcement Cards

Ultimate Joy by Oscar & Emma

Pregnancy Announcement Wording, Ideas, Poses, and Photos:

Congrats on having a little bundle of joy on the way! With the wonderful togetherness that comes with this season, what better time to be expecting than the holidays? Friends and family are near, lots of food for all of your cravings, and not to mention chilly weather to keep you nice and cool during the occasional hot flash.

We have compiled a list of darling December pregnancy announcement ideas for you to use this holiday season.

1. Sonogram Smiles: We love this simple idea of featuring your little one’s first photo in festive plaids and red, perfect for the season.

2. Our Perfect Little Present: A little holiday twist on the classic sonogram photo. Find a simplistic wrapping paper and bow to feature your sonogram. We love this winter pregnancy announcement idea because it plays on the idea of your little one being the greatest gift, which is especially true during the holiday season!

Couple holding present with baby photo

3. Winter Slippers for Baby: Aren’t baby shoes simply the cutest? Do a little early shopping for your little one and find a pair of cozy winter shoes for this easy photo idea. We love the moccasins in this photo, but cute booties or even infant snow boots would be equally as cute!

Couple holding slippers

4. Evergreen Love: One of our favorite parts of Christmas is the little Christmas Tree farms popping up on every corner. The string lights, wreaths, and the sweet smell of freshly cut pine are some of the best parts of the season. We are partial to the Douglas Fir variety for their dark-colored needles, beautiful fragrance, and strong branches perfect for ornament hanging. Take a photo among the evergreens for a perfect photo for your winter pregnancy announcement.

Pregnant woman holding stomach

5. Beside Ourselves Wreath Joy: A classic symbol of the holiday season, wreaths have been around for more than 3,000 years and were originally used to symbolize the perseverance of life through the difficult climate of the winter. As a symbol of life and the persevering spirit of nature, we believe that wreaths are a beautifully symbolic way to help announce your winter pregnancy.

Couple holding wreath

6. Snow Place Like Home: Embrace your sense of adventure and head out for a walk in Winter’s first snow. There is something so magical about snow and the beautiful look it gives your photo. Okay, maybe snow is a little more magical when you do not have to shovel it, but we still love it anyway. Gather your significant other and any fur babies you may have for a snow globe inspired birth announcement photo.

Couple with dog

7. The Newest Gift: Congrats on your second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth little one! With your family already started, you may want to include the rest of your clan in the photo announcing your pregnancy. We love this simple, yet effective pose where your kids put their hands on your belly. Maybe you’ll even capture the moment where they feel the baby kick!

Family photo

8. Garlands Galore: This elegant idea takes a commonly used garland and transforms it into a classy boa. Most tree farms will have garlands similar to this for you to purchase. We definitely recommend using real evergreens to get this drapey look. If you’re feeling a little bit crafty and adventurous, purchase some wire and poinsettias, roses, or pinecones and attach them to the garland for extra flair and pops of color for your winter pregnancy announcement.

Pregnant couple

Christmas Baby Announcement Ideas:

Your baby is here and it’s time to celebrate baby’s first Christmas with a darling birth announcement to share with your family and friends. This holiday season we are really loving our new vellum overlay birth notices because you’re able to make it a keepsake by customizing the overlay to have your baby’s name and birth date! Below we’ve curated a list of cute baby announcement wording and festive image ideas that are perfect for Holiday or New Years baby announcements. You may also want to read through our tips on how to photograph children. From Santa hats to outdoor adventures to the Christmas tree farm, these eight baby due at Christmas ideas will definitely put you on Santa’s Nice list.

1. Santa really delivered: Merry Christmas Baby! We’re pretty certain Saint Nick is way better than any stork. Swaddle your little one nice and snug and tie a bow gently around them. They are the perfect present after all!

Newborn baby under christmas tree

2. Not so silent nights: So much for sleeping in heavenly peace. Take baby on a winter adventure through a Christmas Tree farm! While your newborn is most definitely not ready for a photoshoot deep in the chilly woods, we love this accessible way to get a “nature” shot with your little one. Beanies and booties required.

Woman holding a baby

3. Fa La La Ling in Love: Deck the halls with outlet covers fa la la la la la la la. Your family and friends will get a chuckle from this funny baby announcement wording that plays off a popular Christmas song. We love this creative photo idea too, because it is so easy! You have enough to worry about with a newborn, especially during the holidays, so make it easy on yourself. Simply put your newborn in a swaddle (remember, not too tight), throw a festive blanket underneath, and add a bow headband for an easy holiday baby announcement photo.

fa-la-ling-in-love holiday photo card

fa-la-ling-in-love by Amy Kross

4. The best little present: All I want for Christmas is this little cutie! Dogs and babies, is there a cuter combo? Get fido involved for a festive birth declaration with your family’s furry friend! Dogs are naturally curious, and with patience, you will be able to get an incredibly memorable shot. Dress your little one in a holiday onesie and your pup in a festive collar or bandana for a heart-melting image. If you are in love with the idea of including your pet in the shot, be sure to read our detailed post on how to feature your furry friend in your holiday card.

Baby with dog

5. Our Perfect Gift: Sleeping in a Winter Wonderland. We love the festive wreath prop in this newborn photo shoot. To create a similar look, make a makeshift crib out of a wreath, pillows, and blankets. Fill the center of the wreath with a pillow and throw a blanket on top to ensure that the wreath makes no direct contact with your little one. Make sure your baby’s head is fully supported and that you’re placing the “wreath cradle” on a soft surface. Cute newborn photos always come second to safety!

Baby in a wreath

6. All is Not Calm, but All is So Bright: It’s the most chaotic time of the year! Pick out some matching pajama sets for the full family and settle on a bed, couch, or under the Christmas tree! We love the Christmas llama pj’s this family is sporting and the candid expressions on everyone’s face! Embrace the holiday hecticness with a silly photo that really highlights your family's personalities! This is a great way to announce your little one’s arrival with the whole family. Not to mention, we love this idea because it’s budget savvy. Buying matching pj’s is much cheaper than purchasing itchy formal wear or even matching sweaters. Embody the holiday merriment with this cheery Christmas baby announcement idea.

Family with kids and dogs

7. Happy, Bright, and Up All Night: And we need a little quiet, right this very minute! Santa’s newest helper reporting for duty! We love this easy birth announcement idea for the reason that it’s so easy to achieve. You only need three things for this cute photo; a fuzzy blanket, a baby-sized Santa hat, and of course, your baby. This photo is extra cute if you can get your little one awake, but is still darling with their little eyes closed. Be sure to snap photos quickly before your baby decides they no longer have the patience for a hat on their head!

Baby with santa hat

8. The Newest Addition to the Naughty List: I heard three kids come screaming in on Christmas day on Christmas Day. What parent doesn’t love getting woken up at 5 am for presents from Santa? But how could you be upset at those angelic faces? Make sure to turn in their application for the nice list before things get too out of hand!

New Year’s Baby Announcements

1. This Year We’re Swapping Bottles: Champagne bottles for milk bottles! Take a funny photo of you and your partner toasting with milk in baby bottles at the stroke of midnight. Toast to a New Year and a new baby!

2. New Year’s Resolution: Be Amazing Parents: To make this idea a reality, use a chalkboard or changeable letter board to write down a list of New Year’s resolutions with “Be amazing parents” on the list! You can hold the board with your partner for a cute and easy New Year’s baby announcement.

3. Large and Tiny Champagne Bottles: Take a picture of two large champagne bottles and then one little tiny champagne bottle (to represent the two adults and one child that make up your family). You could even put a pink or blue bow on the smaller champagne bottle to indicate if they are a boy or a girl.

Newborn baby

What to Include in Your Card’s Wording:

We’ve gathered a complete list of important things to include in a birth announcement for any season!

1. Baby’s full name
2. Weight and Length
3. Date and Time born
4. Parent’s names

Optional add-ons include:

1. A short introduction to welcome your baby to the world. This sentiment can be religions, funny, or traditional.
2. A sweet antidote about your little one on the back
3. Sibling’s names or any other immediate family member (furry friends included)

Holiday Baby Notice Ideas for Second+ Child:

1. An ornament on the Tree: For this endearing photo idea you’ll need a photo ornament, a small sonogram image that will fit into the photo ornament, and a Christmas tree. Christmas pj’s are an easy way to dress your kids for a fuss free photoshoot. Give your child the photo ornament and ask them to put it on the best spot on the tree. Maybe another member of your family can lift the little boy or girl up to get to that perfect spot. Click away to get that darling candid shot!

2. Present unwrapping with “new big sister/brother” shirt inside: Tell your kids that you have an early Christmas present for them and get your camera out! Capture their candid reactions as they discover that this Christmas Santa is delivering something extra special! If your children already know you’re pregnant you can still have them open presents with “big sister” or “big brother” t-shirts. In this case you can have them hold them up or wear them in front of the Christmas tree!

3. Adding to our gingerbread family: Marshmallows, candy canes, sugar plums, peppermints, gumdrops and lots and lots of frosting are the key components to a delightfully festive gingerbread house! For this Christmas baby announcement photo, have your kids help decorate a gingerbread house. After the house is completed, write “Welcome Home, Baby!” in frosting and have your children pose in their aprons with their creation! Or, you could even have a little gingerbread man family created for each member of the family, and then have one more tiny gingerbread boy/girl to symbolize how your family will be growing.