Christmas Pregnancy Announcements: Holiday Breaking News

So a visit from Santa isn’t the only thing you’re expecting this holiday season? Congratulations! A pregnancy announcement is one of the most heartwarming ways to add to the merriment and togetherness of the season. Friends and family are near, there’s lots of food for all of your cravings, and chilly weather to keep you nice and cool during the occasional hot flash.

We have compiled a list of Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas that will fill you and your loved ones with cheer. So turn on a classic Christmas movie, light a spruce scented candle, and warm up with some peppermint cocoa because it’s time to get started!

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All we wanted for Christmas by Alethea and Ruth

All we wanted for Christmas by Alethea and Ruth

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Wording

There’s plenty of room to invoke the holiday spirit in your pregnancy announcement cards, and playing with wording is a great place to start.

Christmas Short Wishes & One Liners

Your first pregnancy is an extra special experience, so use your wording to show that your life is about to get a lot more joyful!

  • “Extra Cheer this Year”
  • “Some Gifts Are Worth Waiting for”
  • “Oh What Fun it is to Say, a Baby Is on the Way!”
  • “So Long Silent Nights”
Little Introduction by Pixel and Hank

Little Introduction by Pixel and Hank


Christmas is an especially meaningful time of year to announce your pregnancy if faith is at the foundation of your growing family! When it comes to incorporating your faith into your Christmas pregnancy announcement, there are two routes to take. You could pick a meaningful Bible verse about pregnancy, children, or family. Or, you could go for something a little bit more general that expresses your gratitude for God’s blessings.

Here are our favorite ideas.

  • “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father” - James 1:17
  • “From the fullness of grace, we have received one blessing after another” - John 1:16
  • “Children are a gift from God, they are His reward.” - Psalms 127:3
  • “For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him” - 1 Samuel 1:27
  • “Gift from Above”
  • “Answered Prayers”
Couple holding present with baby photo


What’s the holiday season without a bit of merriment and a lot of laughter? Include your pregnancy announcement in all the fun by playing with puns and other Christmas jokes.

  • “Best. Gift. Ever”
  • “Candy Canes and Baby Names!”
  • “We Elfed Around, and now Baby X is Due in Y!”
  • “We’ve Been Naughty”
  • “Santa’s Not the Only One Coming to Town!”
  • “Eating Christmas Cookies for Two”
  • “Cookies Aren’t the Only Thing Baking This Year”
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Soon to Be Three by Ashley Rosenbaum

Soon to Be Three by Ashley Rosenbaum

Include Siblings

Is your workshop getting a new elf? Get all of the family involved in your pregnancy announcement with these cute phrases.

  • “The More the Merrier”
  • “Expecting More Joy”
  • “Santa’s Promoting me to Big Brother” or “Santa’s Promoting Me to Big Sister”
  • “We’re Adding Another Stocking to the Mantle!”
Get lost in a Christmas tree forest

Include Pets

Our pets are more than just furry friends — they’re family! So include them in your pregnancy announcement with wording that makes it clear the pack is getting bigger.

  • “Does This Mean I Have to Share my Toys?”
  • “Our Family Is Growing by Two Feet!”
  • “They’re Getting me a Human!”
  • “New Playmate on the Way”
Hold A Christmas Wreath Near Her Belly

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Photo & Caption Ideas

When it comes to announcing your pregnancy during the Christmas season, it pays to pack as much of the holiday spirit as possible into your announcement card and social media posts. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to invite everyone to share in your joy.


Show off the Belly & the Sonogram

We love this simple idea of zooming in on the baby bump and holding a print-out of your sonogram picture. Pair the image with a clever holiday greeting such as “so much more to celebrate”, or “the more the merrier!”

More to Celebrate by Lea Delaveris

More to Celebrate by Lea Delaveris


Attach The Sonogram Image To A Present

For a holiday twist on the classic sonogram photo, find a small box and wrap it with your favorite wrapping paper and elegant bow. (Need help tying the perfect bow? Check out our step-by-step guide.) Slide your sonogram picture onto the present and hold the package with your partner. We love this winter pregnancy announcement idea because it plays on the idea of your little one being the greatest gift, which is especially true during the holiday season. Pair a photo like this with the caption “Best Gift Ever!”

Couple holding present with baby photo

Hold Cute Winter Slippers for Your Baby

Aren’t baby shoes the cutest? Do a little early shopping for your little one and find a pair of cozy winter shoes for this easy photo idea. We love the moccasins in this photo, but cute booties or even infant snow boots would be equally as cute! For a few variations on this photo idea you can place the baby slippers in between the parent’s boots, in front of the paws of a pet, or by the fireplace. Then, caption the image with a saying like “Our family is growing by two feet!” or “Mistletoes.”

Soon to Be Three by Ashley Rosenbaum

Soon to Be Three by Ashley Rosenbaum


Get Lost in the Pines

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season are the little Christmas Tree farms that pop up on every corner. Take a couple of photos among the evergreens and string lights for a festive Christmas pregnancy announcement idea. A great time to take these photos would be when you’re chopping down your own tree or going Christmas tree shopping with the family. We especially love pairing an image like this with a caption like “Our family is growing!”

Get lost in a Christmas tree forest

Hold a Christmas Wreath Near the Belly

As a symbol of life and the persevering spirit of nature, we believe that wreaths are a beautiful way to help announce your winter pregnancy. Some ideas for signs that could hang on your wreath or caption your photo with are “Hello little one”, “Baby on the way!”, or “Our new little gift.”

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Hold A Christmas Wreath Near Her Belly

Capture an Image in the Snow

If you live in an area that is expecting a white Christmas, use all of that early winter snow as a beautiful backdrop for your pregnancy photoshoot. Bundle up in your warmest and most festive outfits, and get outside in for a snowglobe-style announcement. Pair a snowy image with a caption like “Baby, it’s cold outside” as a fun way to wink at your pregnancy.

You + Me by Bethany McDonald

You + Me by Bethany McDonald


Have The Children Touch Mom’s Belly

The brood is growing! With your family already started, you may want to include the whole clan in the photo announcing your pregnancy. We love this simple, yet effective pose where your kids put their hands on your belly. For extra holiday flair, dress the family in coordinating festive outfits and pose in front of pine trees or another wintery backdrop. Captions like “The more the merrier” are perfect for these types of photos.

Have The Children Touch Mom’s Belly

Include Santa

Was a baby on your Christmas list? Get Santa involved in your pregnancy announcement! Check your local paper for any “photo with Santa” opportunities planned at a nearby mall or department store. Bring along a printout of your latest sonogram and let Santa help you share in the spreading of your joyous news. For a funny announcement, pair your photo with a caption like “We’ve been naughty!” Or, you could go sweet (and more PG) with something like “Santa came early!”


Include Your Fur Babies

Share this exciting news with a pregnancy announcement featuring your furry first-born! Add a sign or customize your announcement digitally with sayings like “I’m going to be a big brother!” or “crib paw-trol reporting for duty.” To give it a holiday theme, pose your pet in front of your Christmas tree or put a Santa hat on them.

From Your Furry First-Born by Lea Delaveris

From Your Furry First-Born by Lea Delaveris


Feature a Gingerbread House and Family

Marshmallows, candy canes, gumdrops, and lots and lots of frosting are the key components to a delightfully festive gingerbread themed pregnancy announcement. For this Christmas baby announcement photo, have your kids help decorate a gingerbread house (and make sure that the gingerbread mom has a bump). After the house is completed, have your children pose in their aprons with their creation. Or, you could even have a little gingerbread man family created for each member of the family, and then have one more tiny gingerbread boy/girl to symbolize how your family will be growing.


Create a Very Special Ornament

For this endearing Christmas baby announcement photo idea, you’ll need a photo ornament, a small sonogram image that will fit into the photo ornament, and a Christmas tree or wintery background. If this is your first baby, have your photographer take a picture of you and your partner hanging the ornament. To get the whole family involved, give your child the photo ornament and ask them to hang it on the tree (another member of your family can also lift the little boy or girl up to get to that perfect spot). For a fun way to caption your photo, try something like “The best present won’t be under the tree!”

Hang An Ornament On The Tree

Christmas Wish Granted

Thank Santa for granting your wish with this cute pregnancy announcement idea. Create your Christmas list on a sheet of notebook, craft paper, or an a-frame chalkboard, then lay your sonogram photo on top of it. This image says more than any words can, but you could add a caption about having been good all year and getting exactly what you’ve always wanted in your Christmas pregnancy announcement.


Garland Flair

Give your pregnancy announcement photo an elegant and organic holiday touch by accessorizing it with a garland. We recommend using real evergreens to get the drapey look seen in the photo. If you’re feeling crafty and adventurous, purchase some wire, poinsettias, roses, or pinecones and attach them to the garland for extra flair and pops of color for your winter pregnancy announcement. We have a detailed post on some of the top Christmas flowers and greenery you could feature.

Garland Flair

Elf on a Shelf

Incorporate everyone’s favorite modern Christmas tradition by getting Elf on a Shelf involved in your pregnancy announcement! Options here are endless, so get creative and have a bit of fun. We love the idea of playing into Elf’s mischievous side by posing it with a pregnancy test or having it hold up the sonogram image. Then, pair the photo with an equally hilarious (or silly!) captions like “We’ve been naughty!”


Christmas Cookies

Add a holiday twist to the classic “bun in the oven” announcement by staging a holiday photoshoot while doing some holiday baking! Get the whole family involved if you already have children (bonus points if you’re wearing matching aprons or festive pajamas) and don’t be afraid to have some fun to get the perfect candid shot. These photos work perfectly with captions like “Cookies aren’t the only thing in the oven this year!” or “Eating cookies for two.”

Retro Ornaments

Retro Ornaments by Vivian Yiwing


Wrap Yourself Up

For a holiday-inspired version of the classic belly kiss photo, wrap your bump up as the present! Simply put on a festive outfit and tie a bow around your belly before taking the photo. You can use an oversized gift tag to announce the due date of your baby, or use a caption like “Our best gift is on layaway this year!”

Retro Ornaments

Retro Ornaments by Vivian Yiwing

Including a Pregnancy Announcement in Your Holiday Greetings with Minted

Holiday cards are all about spreading cheer and giving your nearest and dearest an update on your family. So whether you’ll be sending your first holiday card or your tenth, there is no better time of year to share your big news! In addition to including an image of your sonogram or belly, be sure to share a little bit of information about your newest addition.

Minted’s selection of Christmas baby announcement cards and holiday card designs can all double as announcements and holiday greetings. Customize the photo and text to tell the world your BIG news!

A few examples include…

  • “Joy to the world! We’re welcoming baby Smith in May!”
  • “Holiday wishes from our growing family to yours!”
  • “It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re so blessed to be welcoming a new member to our family.”

If you already have children, you can include that you’re expecting another along with sharing a little bit more about your family. A few ideas are…

  • “Jake, 5, Penny, 3, and Catherine, due May 2023!”
  • “Jake, 5 - loves dinosaurs. Penny, 3 - loves Peppa Pig, Baby, due May 2023 - loves peanut butter!”

TIP: Who should you send your pregnancy announcement to?

If you are using your holiday card as a pregnancy announcement, you should send it to everyone who would normally be on your list. Traditionally, this would include family members, friends (including friends from childhood, family friends, your children’s friends, and friends from organizations like church or other groups), close coworkers and clients, teachers and daycare providers, and your neighbors.

Keep in mind that there are few groups of people on this list that it would be polite to share your happy news with ahead of your pregnancy announcement. This includes close friends, your immediate family, and your current coworkers.