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Custom postage stamps have been discontinued. Discover new ways to make your envelopes personal and as beautiful as what’s inside.

Sadly, custom postage stamps were discontinued in the United States and are no longer available for sale as of June 9th, 2020. If you were able to stock up on your custom stamps, that is great, as they will always hold the value that is printed on them. The 36 cents, 55 cents or 75 cents denomination can be used indefinitely. One should note that since these stamps show a monetary value, and do not have the word ‘forever’, these are not forever stamps. So if the cost of mailing a letter set by the United States Postal Service is raised, you will have to add incremental postage in order to mail your stationery. You can find additional information on costs for postage and a first-class mail letter or postcard on the U.S. post office’s website.

Where to Get Stamps Now

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You will always be able to purchase postage stamps from a United States Postal Service office or their online store. With many great designs, this is an easy way to find what you need for your mailings. On the USPS online store, they have their stamps categorized by theme, so you can quickly find a design that suits your invitation suite and style. You can also explore the idea of using vintage stamps as a different way to dress up your envelope. Stamps always maintain the value that is written on them, be it for 1 penny or 49 cents. You just have to place many stamps together to hit or exceed the cost of sending your piece of mail. This can be a very fun creative exercise in putting together a diverse set of stamps. Vintage stamps are available for purchase from a variety of places. In-person, you can often find stamp-collector stalls at flea markets. Online, eBay and Etsy are good places to start. Sometimes large packs of vintage stamps are available from sellers (think 100 stamps for $10-$20), but you won’t be sure what the designs are until you get them. That can be part of the fun and charm! Also, make sure that you are buying vintage stamps that have never been used. They should be marked as “Mint Never Hinged” or “MNH”. If they are marked “used” anywhere, then they will not be valid for placing on your stationery envelope. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching vintage stamps with modern stamps. The United States Postal Service has many beautiful designs that they are constantly updating that can complement your stationery beautifully.

Bringing Your Envelope to Life

When most people buy cards, stationery, or invitations, their focus stays on what goes inside the envelope. However, what goes on the outside is just as important. The whole experience of a letter is not complete without considering the envelope and that beautiful first impression it can have on the receiver. Envelopes from Minted can be brought to life in many ways. Whether it is through matching or coordinated free recipient addressing designs, a stunning envelope color with black or white all-script lettering, wax seals, or more, these luxe envelopes will be spotted from a mile away and make the receiver so excited to tear it open.

Sending More Mail

In the present day, sending snail mail for friendly correspondence is very uncommon. For some people, the only letters they’ll send in a year are holiday cards in December. If most of the physical mail you receive is bills and advertisements, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can brighten someone’s day when they see a fun and beautiful envelope poking out of their pile of boring mail. Make your friends and family excited to get snail mail instead of dreading to clean out their mailboxes. The personal touch of a card and cute envelope is an easy way to express your love and friendship to those you care about.

Additionally, owning elegant and sophisticated personalized stationery might encourage you to write more letters. It’s easy to forget that you can send physical mail whenever you want, not just during