DIY: Painted Hexagon Corkboard

As anyone with a preschool-aged kid can attest, the artwork piles up. I wanted to display some of my son’s favorites but they kept on falling down after I stuck a rolled-up piece of tape on the back. To solve the problem, I found some cork tiles and doctored them a bit so they’re a step up from your ordinary bulletin board. Here’s how:

diy cork board
hexagon cork tiles

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• Cork hex tiles
• Painter’s tape
• Acrylic paint
• Foam brush or roller

diy cork board wall


1. Place a strip of tape down the middle of each hex tile.

2. Paint one side of each cork tile. Cork is absorbent so you might need to do a couple of coats; using a roller will give you a more even finish. Let dry completely before you remove tape.

hexagon cork board

3. Adhere strong tape squares (like Command brand) to the back of each tile and place on wall.

hexagon cork tiles
cork board wall

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