Letter to Santa Printable

By Olivia Kanaley, DIY Editor

Is your little one writing to Santa this year? Make it extra special with this printable download. We’ve designed a fill-in-the-blank letter that folds up to become it’s own envelope. Whether you’ll be tucking this away with other keepsakes or sending it off to the North Pole, it is sure to delight.

This project requires a little prep by mom, dad or an older sibling. Read on for the download and complete instructions.

Step one: Download the letter to santa design and print it out on card stock or paper. Cut out both pieces.
Step two: Use a glue stick to glue the pieces back to back.
Step: Fold into thirds using the outside of the card as a guide.
Step 4: Use an craft knife (grown-ups only!) or a pair of scissors to cut slit where the red line is on the bottom flap of the envelope. You can skip this part if you just want to use tape.

When you’re ready to mail the letter, fold it up, insert the top flap into the slit, and secure with tape. Add postage and send it on it’s way!

Sources: Typeface illustration

  1. Oma N. Ramkhelawan

    This is very cute and a great idea!

  2. bee

    cute! the alphabet is incorrect on the banner, though, fyi.

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  7. This is so cute. I don’t have kids to print out letters to Santa or I’ll definitely be using this! 😀

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  10. Elizabeth Johnson

    This is so nice of you! Love this little letter!

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