Holiday Inspiration

How to Create Winter Wonder at Home

If you’re looking for a cool holiday look for your home that’s anything but cold, you’ve come to the right place. Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman, a renowned European interiors stylist who lives in San Francisco, helped us create this simply stunning room. Combining a clean slate of neutrals with muted tones makes the brighter, golden touches in the art frames and flowers come alive. This winter art look works just as well for a festive dinner party as a small family gathering. The best part? By using the Minted Artful Shelf, you can easily rearrange or update your art and accessories whenever you wish.

Read on for a step-by-step guide to easily recreate our winter art look—even the flowers.

Create this Winter Art Look in 8 Steps


Start with a neutral slate.

Work with what you have. In our case, the walls are bright white and the furniture consists of an almost-black wood dining table and gray upholstered chairs. We created contrast against the white walls by using the Minted Art Shelf in handcrafted ebony premium wood. “Black and white go with everything, and the balance felt just right,” Rosy says.


Pick your accent colors.

With a neutral slate, you’re ready to select a palette of accent colors for artwork, frames, and accessories—and your options are endless. For this cool winter art look, we used an accent palette of greens, grays, and pops of gold. “This is my way of doing holiday, which doesn’t always have to include red,” Rosy says. “We went with mustard and blush in the flowers.”

Get creative in picking colors that complement each other—change up the combination every season, for special occasions, or whenever you’re in the mood.


Assemble the Art Shelf.

The Minted Artful Shelf comes in multiple lengths and finishes, making it an ultimate tool for creative expression. For this winter art look, we assembled several Minted Artful Shelves side by side to create an extra-long ledge. “I love Minted Art Shelves because they’re deep enough to allow for overlapping of several framed art prints,” Rosy says. You can hang your art shelf at just about any height on your wall—make sure to allow for enough breathing room for taller artworks. For the winter art look, we hung the art shelf at chair-rail height.

The Minted Art Shelf is easy to hang because the back is affixed to a metal rail—not just two holes like other common art shelves. “These shelves are easy to move left and right,” Rosy says.


Curate art for the season.

Now comes the fun part: Keeping your color palette in mind, put on your art curator cap and enjoy collecting art you love. Minted’s collection of limited edition art prints are created by independent artists around the world. “When you buy art, make sure your collection feels collected and personal to you,” Rosy says.

For our winter art look, we selected a collection of serene holiday moments, including “Iced Lake,” a photo of Lake Michigan frozen over, and “Quiet Poplars,” which Portland photographer Jenni Kupelian describes as a “dreamlike, magical landscape.”

Art curation is similar to the process of switching decorative pillows and throws. You can create a whole new look very easily—the difference is that art is more collectible and meaningful. See something you love? Buy it now or add it to your holiday wishlist.

Fine Art Prints

byjessi gilbert


Fine Art Prints

byLemonBirch Design


Fine Art Prints



Fine Art Prints

byJenni Kupelian


View more curated Winter Art here.


Construct a frame ‘skyline.’

Rosy coined the term “skyline” for styling an art shelf. By arranging and overlapping several art frames, you’ll create an eye-pleasing outline that looks similar to a cityscape of skyscrapers. For our winter art look, Rosy carefully placed the art prints, keeping in mind the composition of each piece. We positioned the largest piece, “Iced Lake,” on the left, and the smaller “Wild Grass” gold foil-pressed piece overlaps the print in lower right-hand corner, so as not to interrupt the composition of “Iced Lake.”

If you need help with arranging your art, read these tips for creating an art gallery wall at home. It’s a similar concept to creating a skyline on an art shelf.


Add Personal Touches.

Display family and travel photos on your art shelf for a personal, whimsical touch. “Don’t feel like you have to keep an heirloom frame if it feels outdated,” Rosy says. “Update your treasured photos with a modern frame.”

Rosy also recommends adding other personal items such as a statue, vase, or candle holder. “It’s important to break the repetition in the frames,” she says. “The little touches make everything more fun.”


Set the Table.

Rosy collaborated with Minted to conceptualize the reversible round placemat—a contemporary design encircling geometric shapes. Dark placemats are practical and stylish, and they draw the viewer’s eye to the wall of lighter art prints. $28 for a set of two.


Add flowers.

Our holiday table centerpiece takes center stage in the middle of the table, elegantly complementing the palette of muted tones in the art prints. When arranging flowers, insert the “focal” flowers—the blooms that are most prominent and visible—into a vase after inserting the filler flowers. The focal flowers in this arrangement are stems of curcuma, blushing bride protea, and chocolate cosmos.

Learn more about the centerpiece flowers, and read our step-by-step tutorial for making the Minted Modern Wreath here.