best graduation gift ideas of 2022

Students graduating in 2022 have persevered through a school year unlike any other. Their flexibility has been amazing! Some students have been in school remotely for half the year and then went into the classroom while others attended outdoor classes or completed all assignments entirely virtually. Despite the challenges, this year’s grads turned in papers, passed exams, and now deserve to be showered with praise and gifts! We’ve put together a graduation gift guide for all ages and stages so you can find the perfect graduation gift ideas for him and her. No matter if they are a teenager graduating high school or a young adult entering the workforce with a college degree, we have an assortment of unique gift options. What’s more, this curated list of Minted gifts is designed by independent artists from all over the world and are truly unique–just like your grad.

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Quintet by Hooray Creative



Framed Heart-Photo Collage

Grant your grad the gift of sweet memories with a heart-shaped photo collage featuring 30 images of their journey up until graduation. Minted’s heart collages come in different looks, so have fun choosing one that best suits your grad! Styles include a classic heart-shaped collage, arrangements that include a color filter applied to the photos (blush, blue, black and white, rainbow), heart collages laid on top of colorful backgrounds, captioned collages with custom notes on select images, collages enhanced with gold foil elements, and finally graduation collages that indicate the graduation year at the top. Using our easy online tool you simply upload your favorite photos of them with friends, on sports teams, at family gatherings, and more. This memento is something they can treasure for a lifetime. A framed 8” x 10” graduation photo collage starts at $55.

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Chic Personalized Bag

As your grad gets ready to head to college or out into the working world, give her a fashionable gift that’s as practical as it is beautiful. Minted’s collection of custom bags and pouches are perfect as college or high school gift ideas because if there’s one thing a girl-on-the-go needs, it’s a chic way to transport important materials to and from home effortlessly. A popular bag option for students is our Snap Tote, made from 100% durable cotton with a brushed snap closure and elegant leather straps. This bag comes in a variety of patterns designed by different artists, from floral to modern looks. The Snap Tote is ideal for carrying a laptop, cell phone, notebook, and any other items a new grad might need. Personalize it with a custom foil-pressed leather tag with her name or initials on it. This is also a fantastic gift idea for that special teacher who had a meaningful impact on your child’s educational development! Starting at $30.

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Glide by Anda Safta

For the grad who likes to take weekend adventures or trips home to visit family, the Fillmore Duffle is the perfect gift option. Available in beautiful floral patterns, abstract designs, and geometric patterns, you are sure to find a pattern that’s in-line with your grad’s style. The ultimate urban companion, this bag has a roomy interior and side panel pockets to keep your valuables safe. Fillmore Duffle bag owners rave about the heavyweight cotton canvas fabric, butter-soft leather straps, zippered interior pockets, and more. Starting at $82.

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garden club

garden club by Angela Marzuki


Framed House Portrait

Once the excitement of moving away for school has worn off, most students experience homesickness from time to time. To alleviate some of this wistfulness, gift your new high school graduate with a custom portrait of their childhood home. This piece of art can be hung in a dorm room or new apartment post-college as a reminder of where they came from and all the great memories they had in the family home and surrounding area. Select from several styles which can include text or unique luxe printing techniques like letterpress. Completely customize your gift by selecting the style and frame that fits your grad the best. A framed 7” x 5” house portrait starts at $58.

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Framed House Portrait


Custom Photo Art Remembering Key Moments

The 2020 - 2022 school year was one full of unusual and new experiences. Whether that be attempting do-it-yourself haircuts, attending virtual classes from your bedroom, wearing masks to group gatherings with other students, or hosting a drive-by graduation parade in your neighborhood. All these memories can be showcased visually through a beautiful photo art arrangement. We like the “A Year in My Life” designed by Robin Ott which organizes 12 personal photos into a recap of 2022. Dig up photos from the past school year that will help your graduate recall the challenging and strange year that it was for years and years to come. A framed 5” x 7” piece of photo art starts at $38.

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Grad Collage I

Grad Collage I by Minted


Personalized Journal

Graduation gift ideas like this one will help the new grad get grounded and organized in this new chapter of their life. With over 400+ designs, select one that matches your grad’s taste. Choose from designs that have bold typography, floral patterns, and geometric arrangements. Minted also gives you the option to customize the front of your notebook with photos so you can surprise the grad with images that hold great memories. Even add their name to the front of the notebook as an extra special touch. Setup the interior pages of the notebook as a weekly planner, address book, or notebook. A weekly planner option will come in handy as they mark key dates at their new school or job. The address book formatting is perfect for collecting the addresses of their friends and family before they head off on their new adventure. Lastly, the notebook option allows the graduate the freedom to use the pages as a journal or even a classroom notebook. Starting at $18.

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letterboard by lea delaveris


Framed Inspirational Poem or Lyric

Give your grad a gift she’ll keep forever! Minted’s completely custom art allows you to upload the text of your grad’s favorite author, songwriter, move lines, or family saying and make it an artfully framed masterpiece. Choose from a few different print options such as standard printing, letterpress, or foil-press, and then select the layout, size, frame, and color of the font to completely customize the final look of your wall art. Your grad will be able to hang this on the wall of her new dorm, apartment, or office as a stylish keepsake. A 5” x 7” framed custom piece of art starts at $58.

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Custom Quotes, designed by Minted

Custom Quotes”, designed by Minted


Minted Gift Card

For the gifter who prefers to give cash (always a welcome gift!), give the gift of great design with a Minted gift card. That way, once the grad has settled into her next chapter she can select the gift item that stands out to her the most. Choose from gift card amounts ranging from $25 up to $1,000.

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Framed Grad Portrait or Photo Art

Minted’s collection of photo wall art features over 400 designs. Find a look that best showcases your grad. Repurpose his yearbook photo, draw some inspiration from our favorite graduation poses, or create a beautiful collage of photos showcasing him with his family and his friends. Minted’s options include templates that showcase one main photo with various designs around it and collages that allow for up to 30 photos. These designs are created by independent artists from all over the world, making these graduation gift ideas for him truly unique. Finish off your custom photo art gift by selecting from over a dozen frame options. A framed 5” x 7” piece of photo art starts at $38.

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Clear Cut

Clear Cut by Baumbirdy


Functional Dopp Kit

Adventure awaits, and you can help your grad be prepared and organized when they are on the go. Every man should have a toiletries bag that fits perfectly into his weekend bag or suitcase and Minted’s Dopp Kit is just that. Plus, it’s fashionable! Each design has been carefully created by an independent artist that has a different eye for fashion. You can choose from styles that feature bold and bright abstract prints, more neutral geometric prints, and even a statement black and white block design. This bag is made from 100% durable cotton with a water repellant liner, comes with a custom foil-pressed leather tag (include the grad’s name or initials on it), has a butter-softer leather handle, and is roomy enough for your grad to keep all of his travel essentials in it. Graduation gift ideas like this one assure he doesn’t leave a key component at home when he travels. Starting at $34.

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Wavy by Michelle Taylor


Custom Puzzle

Puzzles have been all the rage in 2021 and 2022 and we don’t see that trend going anywhere! Doing a puzzle can be a great way for a college student to relax, or a new working professional to unwind after a long day. Give their eyes the much-needed time away from a computer screen or textbook. Gift them a personalized puzzle that features a nostalgic family photo. If he is heading off to college, he will probably be more comfortable subtly displaying a boxed puzzle in his dorm room as opposed to a large family photo on the wall. Consider it a more subtle family reminder. With Minted’s customized puzzles, you can choose a design that has one or more photos in a variety of designs and colors, so it is completely customized to the taste of your grad. Not to mention, you can decide how many pieces you want the puzzle to be, thus determining the difficulty! This is also a clever gift idea for that male teacher you want to thank in a personalized way. Our 252-piece puzzles are priced at $42.

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light speed frame

light speed frame by Kamala Nahas


Custom Map Art

Remind your grad of his roots with a custom map that celebrates a special place in his life. This could be the neighborhood grid of the streets he grew up on, a zoomed-out map of the city where he grew up, or perhaps a map of the city he graduated college in. Simply provide Minted with an address or map coordinates and tell us how defined you want the surrounding details to be. Our team of design associates will begin creating a custom map for you to review. Choose the colors of your map, the size, frame, and more so that the grad is as excited about the sentimental value as he is about the design. A framed 8” x 8” custom map starts at $65 for standard printing.

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Custom Map Art, designed by Minted

Custom Map Art”, designed by Minted


Personalized Stationery

Set your grad up for success with personalized, high-quality stationery. Rather than the instant communication of texts, phone calls, and email, he will be able to take the time to write old-fashioned notes and include details about how his new life in college or at work is going. Choose from a variety of different card shapes (round edges, square, framed, etc.) and styles. Once you’ve selected the card you like, you can customize the color of the card as well as the size and paper type. The icing on the cake and the most personalized part is the ability to add his name or monogram to the stationery. With cards this catered to his own look and feel, he’ll love sitting down to correspond with people in his downtime. Starting at $35 for 15 cards.

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Foundation by Susan Asbill


Limited Edition Wall Art

As your grad enters a new phase of his life, gifting wall art is the perfect way to help him up-level his game. Move over movie posters and imagery of album covers, it’s time for some beautiful adult decor! Minted’s collection of fine art prints includes more than 3,000 limited edition pieces created by talented artists. Look at themes like abstract, landscape, watercolor, figurative, sketch art, and so much more. Find a style and look that you think matches his decor taste. In addition, thanks to Minted’s search filter options, you can search our extensive art collection by orientation, type, style, color, and size. Once you’ve found the piece of artwork you want to buy, select the size and frame you want to feature. If you want to go frameless, you can also opt to have it printed on a canvas for an ultra-modern look. A framed 5” x 7” wall art print starts at $38.

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Ventura 2, designed by Kamala Nahas

Ventura 2”, designed by Kamala Nahas

Pair a Unique Greeting Card with your Present

Once you’ve found the perfect gift for your graduate, purchase a chic graduation greeting card to go with it! You can opt to have a custom message printed on the inside panel. With a customized gift from Minted and a personalized card, you’ll be acing your gift-giving in 2022. Oh ya, and we can also help with the wrapping paper too!

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Boldly Stated

Boldly Stated by Creo Study