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This is a blue art by Alicia Schultz called Abstract Leaves.
Abstract Leavesby Alicia Schultz

This is a blue art by Debra Pruskowski called Fine Feathered I.
Fine Feathered Iby Debra Pruskowski

This is a blue art by Kelly Money called Windfall.
Windfallby Kelly Money

This is a pink art by Christina Flowers called The Climb.
The Climbby Christina Flowers

This is a grey art by hi-lighter inc. called News Flash.
News Flashby hi-lighter inc.

This is a green art by Alicia Youngken called Tropical Wave.
Tropical Waveby Alicia Youngken

This is a purple art by Nancy Noreth called Botanical Sumi Ink.
Botanical Sumi Inkby Nancy Noreth

This is a blue art by Helen Halik called bright splash.
bright splashby Helen Halik

This is a white art by Stacy Cooke called liver bird.
liver birdby Stacy Cooke
Staccatoby Smudge Design
Down Under the Brooklyn Bridgeby JaxRobyn
Vintage Blossomsby Heather M. Roberts
eccentric leavesby Ramoncita Campo
Under The Microscopeby Kayla King
Dora's Floralby Jill De Haan