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This is a ivory art by Angel Walker called Chevron Flow.
Chevron Flowby Angel Walker

This is a blue art by Julia Contacessi called Sacred Beginning No. 2 with standard.
Sacred Beginning No. 2by Julia Contacessi

This is a ivory art by Keely Norton Owendoff called Mama's arms with standard.
Mama's armsby Keely Norton Owendoff

This is a ivory art by Morgan Kendall called Amour with standard.
Amourby Morgan Kendall

This is a ivory art by Kelly Nasuta called Shifting with standard.
Shiftingby Kelly Nasuta

This is a ivory art by Kamala Nahas called Ocotillo II with standard.
Ocotillo IIby Kamala Nahas

This is a ivory art by Bethania Lima called Alternatives with standard.
Alternativesby Bethania Lima

This is a ivory art by Andrew McClintock called Tiny Wings with standard.
Tiny Wingsby Andrew McClintock

This is a blue art by Karen Kardatzke called Cool Reflections with standard.
Cool Reflectionsby Karen Kardatzke
Fortress Iby Kamala Nahas
Cactus Line Drawingby Amanda Phelps
Roast Chickenby Elliot Stokes
Collage Twoby Jessie Burch
Midnight Canyonby Rebecca Rueth
white canyon 4by Kamala Nahas
white canyon 3by Kamala Nahas
Organics_9_2_Aby Alain Castoriano
Spinning Wheelby Lisa Sundin
Black Sheepby rose lindo
Shoes on tileby Zoe Pappenheimer
Through It Allby Nicole Walsh
Argo No.2by Lorent and Leif
Mokuren 02by jinseikou