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This is a white art by Kristine Sarley called Hard & Soft.
Hard & Softby Kristine Sarley

This is a black and white art by Lorent and Leif called Domino Effect.
Domino Effectby Lorent and Leif

This is a grey art by Melanie Severin called Ever Softly.
Ever Softlyby Melanie Severin

This is a purple art by Lisa Sundin called Cayucos Soft Waves .
Cayucos Soft Waves by Lisa Sundin

This is a white art by Caryn Owen called Pacific Seascape.
Pacific Seascapeby Caryn Owen

This is a black and white art by Parima Studio called Lula.
Lulaby Parima Studio

This is a white art by Hello Sophie Design Lab called Palay.
Palayby Hello Sophie Design Lab

This is a white art by Lucia Coppola called Ancient rocks.
Ancient rocksby Lucia Coppola

This is a black and white art by hi-lighter inc. called News Flash.
News Flashby hi-lighter inc.
Mama's armsby Keely Norton Owendoff
rectangle with meby Kamala Nahas
Single Plasmaby AT ORIGINALS
Amourby Morgan Kendall
Nonchalantby Melanie Severin
Ocotillo IIby Kamala Nahas
Botanical Series Turquoiseby Caryn Owen
Construct 9 by Ashleigh Ninos
Weatheredby Melanie Severin
Beneath the Layersby Melanie Severin
Alternativesby Bethania Lima
Landscapeby Bethania Lima
moody blues 1by Kamala Nahas
Off The Grid 03by Jennifer Morehead