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Text “Hello”

Text "Hello" to 415-363-6187
and answer a few simple questions.


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A Minted Gift Expert will send you ideas - all custom, luxe gifts with unique designs from independent artists.

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Our Gift Finder Tool


Minted is excited to introduce a new service to help you find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. We’ve received wildly popular feedback on our “ Text Us Your Wall'' service which offers up ideas and suggestions from our professional art stylists regarding specific wall art to feature on your room’s wall. Similarly, our free “ Text Us Your Wall” service will provide customers with five holiday card suggestions based on a family photo that is sent to us. Building on the success of these mobile services, we thought we could assist you further by providing you with detailed gift suggestions based on a short questionnaire sent over text. Tell us about your gift recipient and their passions and we’ll provide you with personalized gift ideas from the ever-growing inventory of unique products we offer. From chic tote bags to personalized stationery and photo art, Minted’s gift finder is sure to discover the perfect gift.



Minted’s inventory is one-of-a-kind and constantly changing. Our gift experts are browsing products and designs on a daily basis and are gurus when it comes to trending ideas and looks. Leverage their knowledge for free by following these steps:

  1. Send a text: Text “hello” to 415-363-6187
  2. Fill out a quick survey: The free Minted gift idea tool quickly sends back a survey for you to fill out on your phone. It’s short and simple. Questions include things like your relationship with the recipient, what the occasion is, your budget, and where you would like the gift shipped.
  3. Receive ideas back: You will receive a collection of personalized ideas back via text message within 24 hours of submission. Our gift idea generator will load the ideas into your account for seamless customization and easy checkout. Head to your computer or tablet to do a full assessment before you decide which gift you want to select from our gift generator service.
  4. Confirm gift: Input the shipping address (yours or your recipients) and confirm your order. If you’re sending the gift directly to the recipient, compose a custom gift message that Minted will include in the packaging. Personal touches like this really show your recipient you spent time and effort in selecting their present.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Gift For Countless Occasions

Think of Minted as your “gifting concierge” frequently throughout the year. From ideas for Mother’s Day to the perfect Christmas gift idea, leverage us as your personal gift finder tool, guaranteed to ease your gifting anxiety.


The days of looking through pages of a catalog or walking down aisle after aisle for a gift idea have been reimagined. Save time (and your sanity) by reaching out via text instead and let Minted do the heavy lifting for you. This simple text message will save you time, and thanks to our gift idea generator, you’ll end up with personalized gift ideas specifically for your recipient, which may even showcase their own special photos or their name.

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