Wax SealsBlue Glitter Vellum Wax Seals (pack of 10)

Sold & Shipped by Karen Martinez

Wax SealsBlue Glitter Vellum Wax Seals (pack of 10)

Sold & Shipped by Karen Martinez

Made from sealing wax, these self-adhesive wax seals are super durable and easy to use! and you're ready to mail! Perfect to decorate greeting cards, wedding invitations, place cards and more!

These are translucent vellum wax seals with blue glitter.


* Sold in a pack of 10
* Each wax seal is poured and stamped by hand and measures approximately 1" in diameter
• This is a handmade item. Glitter is sprinkled on the hot wax and pressed on by hand, no two seals will ever be exactly the same
* Stamp not included
* Super lightweight and suitable for mailing - won’t add significant weight to envelopes.
* Wax seals are the perfect finishing touch for your wedding invites! Use them on envelopes, bands, place cards... nearly anywhere!


1. Peel adhesive backing from seal using convenient tab.
2. Firmly press wax seal onto your envelopes to seal (or any other piece of paper for an elegant finishing touch)

Karen Martinez, the owner and designer at Fioribelle, has been designing gorgeous wedding stationery, accessories and gifts since 2013. She pours and stamps each single wax seal by hand at her home studio where she spends her days dreaming up new designs and enjoying her free time with her daughters, husband and dog.

Product Specifications

Length: 1 in.
Height: 0.1 in.
Width: 1 in.
Weight: 0.02 lbs.

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    It does not qualify for promotions and can not be returned if personalized (some exceptions apply).

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