Limited Edition Fine Art PrintIn France I

by Svitlana Martynjuk
"In France I" - Limited Edition Art Print by Svitlana Martynjuk in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.
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Limited Edition Fine Art PrintIn France I

by Svitlana Martynjuk
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Signed in pencil in lower right corner of artwork.
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Recently I completed an artist residency in France, where I explored stepping out of my comfort zone and accepting unsettling emotions as they come, allowing my new environment to translate into the following body of work. The struggle was obvious the moment I entered the darkness of my working space… the history that was showing itself through the decay on the walls, the unknown looming energy, and the expectations of being an artist-in-residence. The new work emerged when I surrendered and allowed these experiences to pass through me me rather than pushing them away and curating my experience. This collection embodies the acceptance of the discomfort necessary for growth, and an invitation for it to be a part of the journey.

  • Edition Count

    350 per size, per colorway

  • Frame Size

    11.9" x 14.9"

  • Image Size

    11" x 14"

  • Framed Weight

    1.4 lbs

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    Deluxe Pigment Ink

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    about the artist

    bySvitlana Martynjuk

    Chicago, IL

    Svitlana is Ukrainian artist living in the USA. Her work is created mostly by the use of acrylic and watercolor media and is inspired by abstract expressionism movement. She allows her experiences to influence much of her work, and believes that each viewer discovers their own interpretation based on their internal state and environment. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally. This year she was invited to her first museum show.

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