Settling In


Settling In Art Prints

"Settling In" - Art Print by Lauren Packard in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.
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Settling In Art Prints

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This body of work has to do with space, both literally and metaphorically. I’m thinking about the space that lies between: emotional distance, physical distance, cognitive dissonance, memory recall, misfiring synapses in the brain... Whether connected to my recovery after brain surgery, depression, coming out as gay, or social anxiety, the interactions or avoidances with others sometimes leave gaping holes. There are times these moments feel disconnected, misunderstood, or completely unfinished. It is interesting to think about the marks on paper as the marks on the psyche- the marks that hit, the marks that miss, and the impressions they leave: the separation or isolation of marks and the literal spaces they create within a painting.

  • Frame Size

    7.9" x 5.9"

  • Image Size

    7" x 5"

  • Framed Weight

    0.6 lbs

  • Printing

    Deluxe Pigment Ink

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  • Unique designs, freshly sourced from our community of independent artists.

    The most luxurious paper and printing techniques.

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    abstract, comfortable, contemporary, emotional, mixed-media, painting, pattern, physical, settling in, space

    about the artist

    byLauren Packard

    Brooklyn, NY

    I am a mixed-media artist living in Brooklyn, NY with my partner and two cats. I teach elementary art to NYC public school kids and love being able to create every day. A lot of my work has to do with exploring the push-pull of everyday dichotomies through the use of unexpected color, line, texture... Follow me on Instagram: @laurenpackardart

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    Unique designs, freshly sourced from a community of independent artists.
    The most luxurious paper and printing techniques.
    Truly one-of-a-kind.