Art PrintsImaginary Landscape

by Calee A.H. Cecconi
"Imaginary Landscape" by Calee A.H. Cecconi in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.
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Art PrintsImaginary Landscape

by Calee A.H. Cecconi
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Imaginary landscapes reimagine my happiest places. I often like to imagine how some of my favorite places would look if I lived elsewhere. This imaginary landscape is based on an inversion of a waterfall in one of my favorite local state parks.

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    5.4" x 7.4"

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    5" x 7"

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    0.8 lbs

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    Beach, Cliffs, Cut Paper, Lake, Ocean, Painting, Sea, Sunrise, Sunset, Waterfall

    about the artist

    byCalee A.H. Cecconi

    St Paul, MN

    Hi there, I’m Calee! (I also respond to Chimes.) I’m a queer nonbinary designer, multimedia artist, and aspiring bass player who geeks music and spends most of my time making things and exploring outdoors. Unabridged version at

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