Postage StampsGloriosa Lily | Vintage Stamp, 33 cents, 1999 | 5 each

Sold & Shipped by The Silver Stamps

Postage StampsGloriosa Lily | Vintage Stamp, 33 cents, 1999 | 5 each

Sold & Shipped by The Silver Stamps

Vintage postage for your wedding!
Color scheme: White background; scarlet red, orange and green in the foreground.

Motifs: Tropical flowers, love of nature. Gloriosa lilies are also known as fire lilies and are native to the tropics of Asia and Africa. These floral stamps are perfect for an invitation to a wedding in any tropical location.

Each order consists of FIVE (5) of the following vintage, authentic, USPS-valid stamp in excellent condition:

Gloriosa Lily (33 cents; 1999)

Each stamp must be assembled with more vintage postage, or a Forever stamp, until the appropriate postage amount is reached. It cannot mail a letter on its own.

Stamps will be shipped to you in one or more glassine envelopes. Please try to store them there until ready to use, then adhere to your envelope with a glue stick or edge of a slightly dampened sponge.

Product dimensions:
Height: 0.9 inches
Length: 1.4 inches

Products ship from the northeastern United States in 1-2 business days. Please allow for a longer processing time (3-4 days) for orders over 10 (i.e. 50 stamps). Envelopes not included.

Marina from The Silver Stamps curates vintage postage sets for weddings and celebrations of all kinds. Inspired by the response to the vintage stamps she used for her own wedding, she enjoys working closely with couples and event planners to design personalized postage sets for mailed invitations as well as day-of details. Vintage postage is a simple and beautiful way to elevate the exclusivity of the event and invite guests to a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Product Specifications

Length: 1.4 in.
Height: 0.9 in.
Width: 0.1 in.
Weight: 0.1 lbs.

    This item is part of a curated offering of art and design goods that is selected by Minted and sold & shipped by third-party sellers.

    It does not qualify for promotions and can not be returned if personalized (some exceptions apply).

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