Original SculptureMacrame Leaf Set

Sold & Shipped by Bharti Trivedi

Original SculptureMacrame Leaf Set

Sold & Shipped by Bharti Trivedi

The humble LEAF, from the simple shapes of some to the complex web of veins in others – has captivated artists and designers for centuries. The simple leaf has transformed into enduring beauty throughout periods of history.

This timeless beauty, “The Leaf “, whereby hundreds of cotton strands are meticulously hand-knotted with a labor-intensive combing process and suspended on felt backing to create a textural oasis.

It exudes elegance and calm and at the same time, it’ll add a touch of luxury and warmth to your home. It is a large-scale piece of joy and happiness.

● D I M E N S I O N S

Small Leaf in Sand color:
- Max width of a leaf: 12 inches
- Total height: 28 inches (without suspension loop)

Large Leaf in Charcoal:
- Max width of a leaf: 15 inches
- Total height: 32 inches (without suspension loop)

● Material: Cotton rope, felt backing
Hangs vertically.
Mounting: Easily mounted on a nail

Bharti Trivedi likes to weave her own canvas by manipulating rope, each piece is highly inspired by nature and is meticulously designed and hand-knotted in her studio located in Milpitas, California. She likes to integrate texture, shapes & hints of color to design visual impact in her artwork. Uniqueness stands by the design and idea behind her artwork. She likes to incorporate organic natural fibers sourced from other small businesses making sure their process of manufacturing fibers is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Product Specifications

Length: 17 in.
Height: 34 in.
Width: 1 in.
Weight: 3 lbs.

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