Art PrintsPapillon et Papaver

by Stephanie Toral
"Papillon et Papaver" - Art Print by Stephanie Toral in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.

Art PrintsPapillon et Papaver

by Stephanie Toral
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A beautiful butterfly rests for a moment on a delicate poppy stem. With this print, I wanted to create the look of a vintage print. I chose to execute a copper intaglio etching to achieve a high level of detail with a precise, yet delicate line quality. Copper intaglio etching is a printmaking technique that was first introduced in Italy in the 15th Century. Using a special “etching needle” the artist makes a drawing, in reverse, on a sheet of copper that has been treated with a wax-like “ground.” The drawn lines expose the copper under the ground. Once the drwaing is complete, the copper plate is placed in an acid bath. The acid “bites” the lines of the exposed copper, “etching” them into the plate. These lines hold the inkthat will print the artist’s image. Ink is rubbed onto and then wiped off the plate. A sheet of paper is placed on top of the inked plate. The plate and paper are run through a hand-turned press, creating the final “hand-pulled” print.

  • Frame Size

    17.3" x 21.3"

  • Image Size

    16" x 20"

  • Framed Weight

    2.3 lbs

  • Printing

    Deluxe Pigment Ink

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    Butterfly, Drawing, Etching, Flowers, Insect, Poppy, Rustic Chic, Vintage

    about the artist

    byStephanie Toral

    Chicago, IL

    I am drawn to the simple elegance and abundant detail found in the natural world. While nature-inspired pieces are central to my body of work, everyday is a creative encounter that leads me in a new direction. Ideas, images and inspiration come to me in many forms and I continually strive to take my work down unique paths with each new piece.

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