Commissioned Original Textile ArtRed Arch Tassel Commisssion - Aarya

Sold & Shipped by Bharti Trivedi

Commissioned Original Textile ArtRed Arch Tassel Commisssion - Aarya

Sold & Shipped by Bharti Trivedi

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This contemporary artwork is an exploration of how knots and curves flow with gravity to create forms inspired by nature. This interactive piece works on the influence of gravity and is woven with labor-intensive knots with soft cotton cords whose ends are straightened and taking their course thereby.
'Aarya' can be easily mounted on a nail and let the piece do its talking. Make it an asymmetrical arch or symmetrical however you prefer, it will enhance the corner! This aesthetically minimalist piece will make you feel a sense of calm.

Color: To select the Arch color – Refer to the color chart in listing.

Material: Soft cotton rope

Arch height: approximately 20 inches
Width of arch: 4- 6 inches
Depth: 1.5 inches

About Artist:
Bharti Trivedi is a fiber artist living and working in Milpitas, California. She has called Northern California home since 2013 where she founded YASHI DESIGNS in 2018.
Her artistic journey revolves around creating contemporary fiber art sculptures using her innovative rope manipulation techniques in combination with knotting (macrame), weaving, embroidery, etc. Using sustainable materials like jute, hemp, and cotton, Bharti's textural artwork brings to interiors a deep sense of connection to nature. She skillfully weaves her sensory encounters of the wilderness into textured wall sculptures, seamlessly blending the essence of the outside world with interior spaces.

Product Specifications

Length: 20 in.
Height: 2 in.
Width: 6 in.
Weight: 1 lbs.

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