who should you send christmas card to?

Before you place your holiday card order in 2020, it’s important to review who you should send Christmas cards to. You don’t want to forget any key people in your family’s lives! In an unusual year where we have been social distancing, working in new environments, and limiting our physical participation with schools, activity groups, and teams, it can be easy to lose touch with friends and colleagues you may have seen more regularly at the beginning of the year. In an effort to keep your address list organized this holiday season, we have arranged this list of friends, family members, and professionals to send holiday cards to.



Always begin your list with immediate family. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews should all be included. Although this group will be the least surprised to receive your card, they will also be the proudest and will likely save a special place for you in their holiday card display. Next, consider extended family and distant relatives. Short on cards? Send to the matriarchs and patriarchs only.

Light and Merry holiday card

"Merry Elegance" designed by Susan Asbill



Think about your closest friends and “chosen” family. Start with long-term besties, school friends, and new friendships made within the calendar year. Think of friends you may have had a virtual happy hour or online game night with? If you have additional cards to send, extend greetings to friends-of-friends. Consider leaving some blank space on the back for a short, handwritten message, to make the card feel more personalized.



As your child progresses through pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and high school, consider the families that you’ve grown closest to over the years of your kid’s ever-changing friendships. It can be fun to hear from families who are in a similar life stage and whose children are experiencing the same highs and lows as yours. Be sure to include a message highlighting the milestones or achievements of each family member. Minted has some clever year-in-review designs that you may want to consider.

Extra, Extra Holiday card

"Extra, Extra" designed by Becca Thongkham



Whether affected by furloughs, layoffs, or new working schedules and routines, this year is especially deserving of sending Christmas cards to your colleagues. Send wishes to those you work most routinely with, even if you may not have seen them face-to-face in months. Think back on past coworkers and bosses you may have enjoyed working with at previous businesses and make 2020 the year you reach out. Also consider special clients, vendors, and others within your professional network who you feel comfortable sharing a glimpse of your personal life with. This is a thoughtful way to build upon relationships in your professional network. Minted's selection of unique business holiday cards will ensure you stand out from the stack.

What a Year holiday card

"What a Year!" designed by Beth Schneider



Think of everyone you schedule appointments with on a regular basis. Consider your general practitioner, pediatrician, barber or esthetician, or your favorite group workout instructor. Chances are, almost all of these professionals have had to adapt the way they service their customers, including you. Show them you appreciate their evolving methods to keep the public safe. Below we have outlined a few service providers to keep in mind when creating your list of who to send Christmas cards to:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Teachers
  • Babysitter/tutor
  • Mail delivery person
  • Fitness coach
  • Gardener
Little girl greeting solider with flowers

"Holiday Floral Field" designed by Yaling Hou Suzuki



If anyone can relate to what your routine has been like this year, it is your neighbor! Perhaps you place your card in the mail or hand-deliver it by leaving it on their doorstep or in their mailbox. A neighborly gift of a small homemade treat is always a fun and simple addition to a doorstep surprise. Think of both past and present neighbors, and leave room for a personal message that speaks to a memory you share. Historic neighbors will love hearing about how you are settling into your home.



Are you a member of a local running club, salsa dance club, or book club? Do you frequently volunteer at a particular organization? Don’t forget to share your season’s greetings with some friends you may have made through these networks.

Gilden Plaid holiday cards

"Gilden Plaid" designed by Itsy Belle Studio



This includes friends and family overseas, or even friends you may have made while on past vacations. Show them that near or far, you’ve thought of them and wish them a warm holiday season from the United States. Shipping times vary greatly across different countries and mail can sometimes take as long as six weeks to arrive. Check online for how long it takes an item to ship to your country of interest, and build in a buffer of 1-2 weeks in case of delays.



Do you know any firefighters, police, or active members in the military? The holidays are a great time to remind them that you are thankful for their services. You could even drop off a card at the local fire station to show your gratitude for keeping your neighborhood running smoothly. If you would like to thank active military members, we have a detailed post on various programs that will mail Christmas cards to soldiers.

Gentle Flurry holiday card

"Gentle Flurry" designed by Jennifer Postorino



Is there anyone that sent you a Christmas card last year that you didn’t think to send a card to? That can sometimes be awkward. Make things right in 2020 and practice good Christmas card etiquette by adding them to your holiday address list and sending them a family update, because chances are they will be sending you another card this holiday season.


This year, go above and beyond and include a few extra people onto your traditional Christmas card mailing list. Many of us have struggled with new living arrangements, working arrangements, and social norms that have resulted from responses to the global coronavirus pandemic. Some however have struggled more than others. A personalized holiday greeting may be the simple spark of joy needed to brighten a casual acquaintance’s day and remind them of the holiday spirit in us all.

Shapes Tree Holiday Card

"Shapes Tree" designed by JeAnna Casper

  • Persons living alone: Can you think of a friend that lives in a more solitary arrangement and would appreciate a friendly check-in? Consider including them on your address list this year.
  • Favorite local merchant: Local businesses and restaurants have really taken a hit this year as they cope with ever-changing regulations and dramatically reduced demand. Show a local merchant how much you value their service and how you consider them as a valuable member of the community with a heartfelt greeting card.
  • Nursing homes: Do you have any relatives or older friends that may be in a nursing home or retirement community? Chances are they have had very little visitors this year due to heightened health restrictions. A handwritten note and collection of personal photos could go a long way in brightening their day.
  • US Soldiers: If you have never sent a package or holiday greeting card to members of the armed forces, perhaps this is the year. Remember that they have most likely been distanced from their family as well this year. We have a great post on how to send Christmas cards to soldiers for more information.
The Most Wonderful Holiday Card

"The Most Wonderful" designed by Sarah Brown


Digitally preserve all your important Christmas addresses in one easy-to-access location. Our free-to-use Address Assistant tool will not only save all your contacts, but it can also help collect them as well! Simply input email addresses into the tool and we will email each of your friends a stylish correspondence requesting their contact details. The information they provide will automatically be saved to your personal address book and can easily be printed when it comes time to complete your list of who to send Christmas cards to.