unique stocking stuffer ideas for everyone


One of the best feelings on Christmas morning is watching your loved ones rush over to their stockings. The gifts inside may be small, but they can be meaningful. But thinking of unique stocking stuffers can be tricky. Maybe you've had your stocking since you were a kid, or maybe you're just starting your Christmas stocking tradition. The thing that matters is that each item was handpicked by you. You can even make your own. Here's our thoughtful guide to ensuring a magical Christmas morning with some of our favorite stocking stuffers for men, women, and kids.



Nothing is more meaningful than a handmade gift. And this ornament will hang on your tree for years to come. You can even involve kids or friends. This one is sure to bring a smile to his face. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions.

Fabric Covered Ornaments

Fabric Covered Ornaments by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon Alice & Lois

Whether it’s poker night with the boys or just a game of solitaire, these are gorgeous playing cards with a variety of styles. And while it’s nice to get practical gifts in your stocking, don’t forget that Christmas should be fun.

Every man needs a Dopp kit. When he’s on the go, he’ll need something to carry his toiletries. Now, he’ll always travel in style. Consider rolling it up to make more room in his stocking for other gifts.


Tides by Iveta Anfelova

Got a guy who loves to tinker? Our personalized puzzles are an even more thoughtful take on this gift. After the presents are unwrapped can’t you just see him happily lost in puzzle-solving? The whole family can join in.

Chic Minimal

Chic Minimal by Melanie Kosuge

A new year is just around the corner, so now is a good time to get organized. You can put his favorite photo on the front as a meaningful touch.

Framed Journal

Framed Journal by Kristel Torralba

Everyone loves a man who can cook. This personalized apron will ensure he’s looking dapper in the kitchen. Maybe he’ll even wear it to prep for Christmas dinner.


Montauk by Carolyn Nicks

There’s something satisfying about a really good pen. In our increasingly digital world, it’s a relief to write on paper. This high end pen will show that he means business, whether he’s signing a check or sealing a deal. Even his doodling will look better. And since it’s small, there will be plenty of room for other gifts in his stocking.

Socks get a bad rap as a present, but a high-quality pair that lasts for years is nothing to take for granted. Whether he’s a rugged outdoorsman or just lounging at home, well-made wool socks are a real treat.

If your guy is a foodie, a small batch hot sauce is the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s small, fun, and packs a punch! These cold-pressed hot sauces are inspired by Southern flavors. Couldn’t we all use a little spice in our lives?

They say that home is where the heart is. If your guy is a homebody who puts a lot of thought into creating a beautiful home, he’ll love this gift. He can put it on his desk at work. The small size should fit in any stocking.


Show her you care by taking the time to make something yourself. This Scandinavian-inspired ornament has an elegant, timeless look. It’s inexpensive, sturdy, and easy to make.

Who says coloring books are just for kids? Drawing is a great way for the crafty woman in your life to unwind. We all need to feel our creative spark sometimes. Stocking stuffers should be fun!

Everyone loves to have a private space for their thoughts. With this personalized dream journal, she can jot down everything that was on her mind while she sleeps on her hopes for the future. A dreamy stocking stuffer indeed!

Dream Journal

Dream Journal by Meg Gleason

Who doesn’t love a splash of color? And she deserves to treat herself. These dazzling hues are non-toxic too.

A napkin set ($$):

This gift is for the woman who loves entertaining. An eye-catching napkin can really set the tone for the table. With these tasteful designs, maybe they’ll even make an appearance on your Christmas table this year.

Busy women have a lot to keep track of. From pens to personal items, catch-all pouches can help her keep everything tidy. These refined but simple designs make organization fun. To make more room in your stocking, consider rolling the pouches up.

Sketched Willow

Sketched Willow by Katharine Watson

Whether she’s jotting down a to-do list or writing someone a personal note, it’s nice to have something that has your name on it. Choose a vibrant design or perhaps something more understated that reflects her personal style.

Wild Garden

Wild Garden by Itsy Belle Studio

A pillow cover($$):

It’s nice to spruce things up at home. Throwing a different cover on an old pillow can really breathe new life into a room. Whether she’s craving a new splash of color or a unique design to add some flair, this stocking stuffer will appeal to a design-oriented woman.

Ink Line Leaves

The woman in your life probably has a lot to be thankful for. And after this Christmas season, she’s going to want to write some thank you notes! She’ll love these elegant designs and her recipients will appreciate the thoughtful gesture. A win for everyone.

Painted Thank You

Painted Thank You by Nicole Walsh

Whether she’s popping out to the farmer’s market or headed to a casual dinner with friends, a sleek clutch allows her to throw a few personal items in a bag and go. Sometimes a lipstick, a credit card, and a phone are all a savvy woman needs. She’ll love these understated but chic designs.

Botanical Cascade

Botanical Cascade by Erin German

Don’t forget something sweet for her stocking. In addition to being gorgeous, the taste combinations of these chocolates are truly inspired. And a delicious piece of chocolate is the perfect touch after a large Christmas dinner meal.

Everyone knows that the best things come in small boxes. Show her you care with this elegant but simple bracelet. You can add her initials or an important date for an extra special touch.


A sticker is a fun addition to any stocking. A sticker with your child’s name on it? Now, that’s something special. This is a lovely gift for the younger child in your life who will be delighted by the playful designs and bright colors.

farm animal friends

farm animal friends by Jennifer Wick

All crayons are wonderful but these rock crayons are truly unique. With their unusual rock shape and gorgeous color palette, this stocking stuffer is sure to occupy them for hours. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the little artist in your life.

This one is for your little explorer. Every adventurer needs to know what direction they’re headed in and this wooden compass is a classic. With this compass in hand, they’ll be taking outdoor adventure play to the next level.

Every kid’s stocking should have something sweet. This lollipop is a classy alternative to drug store candy. And it looks like something out of an old movie. Drop a truly special treat in their stocking this year!

A harmonica: ($):

Is there a budding musician in your family? The harmonica is an accessible musical gift and is surprisingly inexpensive. It’s also much easier on the ears than a drum set.

Your little sous chef needs a uniform! Whether they’re rolling out Christmas cookies or helping you mix batter, this gift will make them feel like the real deal. Not to mention the practical uses: keeping their clothes stain-free. Best of all, they can have one that matches yours.

Breton Stripe

Breton Stripe by Melissa Selmin

Puzzles are an absorbing and fun way to spend a quiet Christmas morning after all of the presents have been unwrapped. Your little one will love a puzzle that was made just for them using a photo of their family, a group of friends, or maybe a beloved pet.

Groovy Kind of Love

Groovy Kind of Love by Baumbirdy

Oven mitts($$):

The little chef needs oven mitts to match their apron. Cooking should be fun and now they’ll look the part. They’ll want to try every recipe in the book if they have the right tools.

Your child’s bedroom should be a sanctuary reflecting their personal style. The small size of these artworks should fit nicely in your average stocking. These carefully curated bright designs will add that special touch to their room.

Roll With It

Roll With It by Baumbirdy

A journal ($$):

Every kid needs a special place to write down their thoughts. This could be a gift for a new reader or your teen turned poet. They’ll love these fun and cheery designs. And hopefully this is the beginning of a life-long journaling practice.


Cheetah by Lori Wemple