How To Gold-Leaf a Pumpkin

Give your Thanksgiving table some shimmer by gold-leafing a few fall gourds.

Gold-Leaf Pumpkin

A dd a simple, yet luxe touch to your Thanksgiving table this year with gold-leafed pumpkins. This finish is super shiny, textural and easier than you think!


  • Pumpkins
  • Gold metal leaf sheets (sold in craft stores or online)
  • Metal leaf adhesive (sold in craft stores or online)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Parchment paper to protect work surface


Brush adhesive over the entire surface of pumpkin.Set pumpkin aside for 30 minutes to dry. The adhesive should brush on milky white, and become clear and tacky as it dries. Rinse brush immediately – it’s a good idea to use an inexpensive paintbrush that you can toss afterward.


Lay a sheet of gold leaf over pumpkin and use a clean paintbrush to gently press it against the glue. Repeat until the pumpkin is covered. You may have to go over an area more than once to cover any missed spots.