Fresh scenes

Fresh scenes

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Caryn Owen

by Caryn Owen
from Santa Cruz, California


Sourced from
our design

8,521 entries,
2+ million votes

8,521 entries. 2+ million votes

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Morgan Ramberg

Cheerful Season
by Morgan Ramberg
from Chicago, Illinois

Holiday Card Design Challenge Winner

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Pieced perfection

Pieced perfection

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Leia Matt

by Leia Matt
from Paris, France


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Sourced from our design competitions.

Our Design Challenge platform is what makes Minted so distinctive. It’s the place where customers and artists vote on the best work to bring you.

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Our Design Challenge is where customers and artists vote on the best work to bring to you. The benefits are many: You get exclusive fresh designs, and artists thrive in our uniquely supportive creative community.

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byAlicia miller

Overland Park, KS, US

Copper Ferns 2
Non-custom Art Print

byAlex Roda

Madrid, MD, ES

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