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Themed Wedding Decorations


Weddings are often the pinnacle of celebration types. So much time and energy are spent on securing venues, inviting guests, planning meals, and organizing entertainment. Often times, there are so many considerations to be thought through that a wedding planner is hired. Every little detail that goes into wedding planning helps contribute to the final experience shared by the married couple and all their guests. Minted understands this focus on detail and provides an impressive list of wedding decorations to achieve your beautiful dream wedding.

Whether it is a thoughtful detail such as elegant place cards. at each guest’s place setting or a welcome sign that greets guests at your reception, each element adds to your overall wedding decor. With so many components combining to push your wedding theme forward, Minted provides the tools, products, and guidance to tie all of the elements together seamlessly. Minted’s unique designs will provoke thoughtful conversations and have your guests sharing pictures of your wedding experience on social media.


Weddings are a time to celebrate your personal and specific love story. Since we know your love is unique, we believe your wedding should be too! Minted sets ourselves apart from competitors because we source our hand-made patterns and designs from independent artists located around the world. Discover a design that speaks to you!

Our CEO, Mariam Naficy, established a community and platform for artists’ work to be shared and amplified in households across the nation. Through our regularly hosted design challenges on our site, we receive a constant inflow of new trendy designs that are then printed on our various products. Just think, your wedding decorations are supporting independent art and continuing to fuel the creativity it produces.


Our wedding decor can be used to accentuate more than just your wedding day. Browse through our collection of designs and offerings to see how you can spice up your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner. Below are some decoration options we provide.

Bunting banners: Our bunting banners look great as a photo booth backdrop, signage over a buffet table, or even as accent pieces down the wedding aisle or pews. These wedding banners come in five color options to complement your wedding color palette. Choose from gold, natural, silver, and glittery silver or glittery gold. Our glittery banners are also a great option if hosting a New Year’s party. The hanging banner flags come in various shapes such as a dove-tailed flag, modern circle, or classic triangle shapes, and are printed on unique Lotka paper.

Like almost everything we sell, you can add your personal touch to our bunting banners. Create any message or phrase you would like by adding additional hanging flags to the banner. Our standard bunting banner is 6” x 8”, comes with 16 flags, and includes 25 yards of twine for DIY stringing. Add your own personal images or custom phrasing to bring your party to life. One clever idea for your wedding decor would be to broadcast your wedding hashtag using a bunting banner.

Table signs: Our personalizable table signs are created in various fonts, colors, and designs. Minted offers four sign categories to choose from, which include party favor table signs, cards and gifts table signs, dessert table signs, and guestbook table signs. These sign options are offered in 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, or 11” x 14” sizing. Experiment with all our personalization options to construct a table sign that is right for you.

Signage is important because it helps create order for your event and alerts guests where things are located at your venue. For example, a party favor sign will inform guests that there are some take-home goodies you have prepared for them. A guestbook sign will draw more people over to leave their wishes and provide their address. As you work to complete the look of your signage, a dedicated Minted design associate will review your submission and work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

Place cards: If your wedding guests have assigned seats, then place cards are a must. We have over 1000 designs to choose from and each one can be aligned with the look of your table numbers and menus. Every place card is printed on shiny pearlescent paper or 100% recycled paper type.

Table numbers: They may be small, but they are essential. Table numbers are the first step in organizing a seating arrangement. Rather than assigning each guest to an exact seat, you can also opt to simply assign them a table and let them coordinate the seating arrangement when they arrive at their table. Our table number cards are sized at 5” x 7” and feature double-sided printing, allowing your guests to view the important information from all angles as they enter the dining room. Customize these cards to include pictures, a wedding story, or fun facts about the wedding couple. Your guests will enjoy reviewing the information as they wait for their food to be served. We also provide a number of stylish ways to display your table numbers.

Wedding favor stickers: If you plan to hand out wedding favors to your guests, add an extra level of personalization with a themed sticker on each gift. Stickers can be customized with names, photos, dates, or other unique messages such as your wedding hashtag or favorite romantic quote. The dimensions of our wedding favor stickers are 2.5” x 2.5” and come in an assortment of shapes like circle, heart, ticket, and so much more. There are plenty of other creative ways you could use wedding stickers, such as placing them on Polaroid pictures taken at your event or attaching them to your wedding programs.

Table confetti: Why not splurge on our most interactive wedding decor? Sprinkle festive confetti across your tables to add a splash of color to each table setting and keep guests engaged. Each order of confetti includes 18 round pieces stationery printed in different sizes and looks. Twelve of the pieces measure 3.24” in diameter while the remaining six measure 5.8” in diameter.

Party crowns: This can be a fun idea for the flower girls, ring bearers, and other children that may be in attendance at your wedding. Kids will love wearing these paper crowns and adults will get a smile out of them too. All crown sets have elastic straps, and an order comes complete with four different designs.

Other table decor: Table tent cards and personalized table runners are other decorations for weddings that can coordinate to match your signage, bunting banners, or garland. Our tent cards are sized at 3.5” x 2” and have space for you to write in any personalization by hand if you so desire. They are perfect options if you have a buffet line and want to have signage detailing each menu item. Each set incorporates four different patterns and colors. Our table runners can be personalized with a detailed message and span from four feet to ten feet. Purchase a table runner for your gifts table or dessert table.

Wine glass tags: This is a creative idea for a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. Order designed wine glass tags and place them by your bar or server station. Guests will enjoy picking out the design that speaks to them. All wine glass tags are measured at 2.75” and fit perfectly around your glass stem.


Minted offers a myriad of themes for all our wedding stationery and decor. We recommend finalizing a theme before completing any of your orders with Minted. This way you can let the theme guide you as you select your save the dates, build your custom wedding website, finalize your wedding invitations, and make your venue sparkle with decor. With design themes playing to floral, beach, modern, rustic, bold, and vintage looks, you are sure to find a match that fits your personality. We even provide recommended wedding decoration themes based on if you are getting married in the summer or winter.

Even in the off chance that none of our designs strike a chord with you, we can always help you define a theme and tone for your wedding from scratch. Simply fill out an online form and our wedding design services team will work with you and your specific requests to custom build wedding stationery and decor that aligns with your vision.