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Memories have always been a predominant theme in my work. I practice art with the belief that one of our most important roles as an artist is to use our work to ask questions about the world around us and then try to answer them. The questions I have been asking in my work for the past five years pertain mostly to the world in which my children participate along with reminiscences growing up in Canada in a much simpler time. One subject I’ve explored in my work examines my family and our friends cavorting on California beaches. Brief, rare idyllic freedoms that is far too few for today’s youth growing up in our overprotective world. Watching local surfers hang out in Malibu and Ventura are also typical inspirations. More recently I began exploring imagery of the Toronto lakeshore of my childhood. Despite the familiarity and comfort of these themes, I am always left with a deep dissatisfaction that my questions are perhaps too personal and not very provocative or “avant-garde” enough and that my work reads as naive. In the back of mind the parallels I am asking are if my children will reflect on their childhood as free and as happy as mine was growing up in Toronto, Canada or will they know they grew up in a less innocent world? I want people who see my work to come into contact with Toronto, (or LA for that matter) through my rose tinted glasses. This is how I want my work to be experienced, not through its government strikes or dirty slushy winters but as a thriving Chinatown where I had bowls of consommé on rainy days as a little girl, of the corner variety store where my father grew up and of endless deep Canadian blue skies and as a city that has, for me, never lost its innocence.

  • Frame Size

    25.3" x 19.3"

  • Image Size

    24" x 18"

  • Framed Weight

    3.3 lbs

  • Printing

    Deluxe Pigment Ink

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Beach, California, Children, Contemporary, Landscape, Oxnard, Painterly, Summer, beach, california, children, contemporary, landscape, oxnard, painterly, summer

about the artist

byAnnie Seaton

Sherman Oaks, CA

I am a fine artist in So Cal., an Independent Art Advisor, mother of two teenagers and I work in the art world. Both my kids have been my muses. I am obsessed with collecting photography. I have been making artwork for 25 years and focus on the surf scene and childhood memories. My artwork usually involves water or people in my life. I make mixed media artworks using enlarged photography ink jet prints and acrylic ink on wood. I also exhibit my cut photographic remains.

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Unique designs, freshly sourced from a community of independent artists.
The most luxurious paper and printing techniques.
Truly one-of-a-kind.