It’s big exciting news!

So you’re expecting! Congrats. It’s a big moment and how you share the news is entirely up to you. Here are a few ideas that might get you inspired for how to tell the world about your bundle of joy, no matter what your personal style.

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A few things to remember:

Take your time and choose the moment that feels right for you.

Not sure when to make the big announcement? A traditional timeline dictates that moms-to-be share the news any time after the first trimester, for obvious reasons. And traditional timelines are cool, but everybody’s journey is different. Some new moms can’t wait to share the news while others would rather keep it to themselves as long as possible. This can have to do with physical comfort levels, or family dynamics, or it can simply be a matter of personal choice.

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Set the tone.

Celebrating the news of a new baby also means celebrating a lot more celebrations to come. At the very least, there will be a shower and a birth announcement - not to mention monthly birthdays and a million milestones to post on social media.

Your pregnancy announcement can set the tone for future events, whether it’s by introducing a color scheme or a theme or just a certain tone/personality.

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Multiple announcements are more fun.

You can make as many announcements as you want. Thanks to social media, most of us keep in touch with a wider circle of friends than we used to. So it can feel right to make one sort of announcement to close family, another to your high school friends, and another for the internet.

(Of course, it should go without saying that news travels faster than ever these days. If you’re hoping to make a surprise pregnancy announcement to anyone at all, make sure you plan that one first.)

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Take a great selfie (or two, or five).

However you decide to break the news, it’s worth taking a minute to come up with a really truly good baby-announcement picture of your whole new family-to-be. And since you’ll only get busier and busier as your due date approaches, the sooner the better.

There are tons of cute ideas for pregnancy announcement photos that you can find online. Once you’ve decided on a few favorite concepts, enlist a friend who’s good with a camera. It’ll make the whole thing look more professional and it’ll also be fun to include a friend in the big surprise. Set aside an afternoon, choose a favorite outfit, and get your photoshoot face on.

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Second (or third, or fourth) baby announcements.

Once you’ve broken the news to the soon-to-be big sister or brother, enlist them to be part of the announcement to the rest of your friends and family. After all, a new arrival is a big adjustment for any kid, and many moms believe it’s very important to get their oldest involved in the process from the very beginning.

The age (and personality) of your little one will be the biggest factor in how to pull this off. If you’ve got an older kid who loves to take center stage, let them take it! It’s never too soon to learn to give your first toast.

If the big brother or sister isn’t talking in full speeches yet but can walk on their own, a customized t-shirt is your best friend. Design a cute t-shirt or onesie that says something to the effect of “future big sibling”, and then just let your kiddo loose at the gathering you’ve thrown for the occasion. Let him/her wander the room and see how long it takes until the gasps start happening.

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An announcement from the fur-baby.

Like oldest kids, pups can have a tough time adjusting to big changes in their household. And while your pet probably won’t have any clue what’s happening until the new arrival is actually installed in their crib, a lot of people get a kick out of hearing the news from the former baby-of-the-house, especially if you’re got a photogenic pup. (And if you’re not feeling up to a human photoshoot, this is a great workaround.)

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Holiday season pregnancy announcements.

If the timing lines up, the holidays can be a great time to make a new baby announcement. After all, you’re already sending out christmas cards, right? What better way to make yours stand out?

Whether you’re into traditional Christmas cards or prefer to send out a greeting for the secular new year, an announcement of new life fits into the theme just perfectly,. You can keep it very simple by taking a custom-designed holiday card and including that cute selfie as part of the design. Or you can send out cards as usual, including a special note to those in the know.

And the most important rule of pregnancy announcements is this: do what makes you and those you love happy! There are no rules.

You can make your announcement as traditional or as creative as you want. Stick with a traditional paper announcement you can easily send out to friends and family near and far, have somebody play the “Rocky” theme song as you unfurl a banner that says, “HAVING A BABY OKAY” or hiring a tarot-card reader to crash a party with your nearest and dearest (hey, minted will provide custom-designed tarot cards). Tell whoever you want, whenever you want, as often as you want - after all, there’s no such thing as too much happy news.

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