understanding christmas card sizes & envelope sizes

As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, it’s time to begin thinking about Christmas cards! Minted offers so many different Christmas card sizes and formats, we thought we would put this helpful guide together to better understand all the options available to you. From our classic format of 5” x 7” to cute ornament cards designed to hang on a tree, there are unique size options for everyone! We even have a large format, called our “Grand Holiday Card”, that will allow you to effectively share all your favorite photos from this year.

Each year at Minted we provide the most trend-forward and skillfully designed cards to choose from, all of which are sourced from our talented community of artists. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas card, New Years’ card, business holiday card, holiday moving announcement, holiday birth announcement, or newlywed holiday card, understand that we’ve got a variety of unique designs, greetings, and sizes to choose from.

Keep reading to find charts displaying all of our formats and options. Learn what size each card is printed in, as well as their corresponding envelope sizes.


Christmas card sizes

Classic (5" x 7")

As previously mentioned, the classic format is the most standard card size available on Minted. It can come in a flat or folded format, allowing you to include a message inside the card if you would like. Should you choose to go with a flat format, the classic size provides ample space on both the front and back of the card, giving you a variety of color and text options to choose from when customizing. Choose from an assortment of layouts and templates for the back of your card to include additional text and photos in clever holiday-themed ways. In addition to non-foil designs, we also offer foil-pressed, letterpress, and vellum cards in the classic 5" x 7" size. These luxury formats each showcase an impressive printing technique. Foil-pressed cards are available in 9 stunning colors, including gold, silver and red foil. Letterpress cards are distinguished by a unique impression against a raised surface. Vellum cards use a sheer overlay on top of a flat card for a layered design effect only available at Minted.

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Holiday card

Cranberry Garden by Alethea and Ruth


Petite (4.25" x 6")

The petite format is slightly smaller than the classic card, at 4.25" x 6". Even though it is smaller, this format still provides ample space for customization on the front and interior or back of the card (depending on whether you opt for a folded or flat format). You can utilize different layout options to incorporate additional text and photos on the back or inside of your card. Because this card format includes free envelopes, you can further enhance the presentation of your card with a colored envelope, recipient addressing, and return addresses to make holiday correspondence standout from the rest.

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Holiday card

Boldly Modern by JeAnna Casper


Postcard (4.25" x 6")

The postcard format comes in the standard postcard size and is perfect if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option. Postcard stamps also cost less than traditional 1 oz. envelope stamps! This format can be mailed without an envelope, thus speeding up the assembly process and adding convenience if you are in a rush. You can customize both the front and back of your postcard with a variety of colors and texts. Keep in mind that about half of the real estate on the back of the postcard is reserved for address and mailing information.

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Holiday card

Ease by JoAnn Jinks


Grand (6" x 8")

The Grand format was newly released in 2019 and is our largest card size at an impressive 6" x 8". The grand card is perfect for making a statement and dominating the Christmas mantel or refrigerator surface! It is the perfect option if you are looking to include a long, thoughtful message on your card and/or a variety of photos. Because of all the social distancing practiced this year, you may have more images or stories you wish to share on your card, making the grand format the perfect option!

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Holiday card

Simple Corner by Amy Kross


Ornament (5.25" x 5.25")

Our unique Holiday Ornament card is a special Christmas card format that will make your card truly standout from the rest your recipients may receive in the mail this year. Recipients can hang the ornament on their Christmas tree or elsewhere in their home to spark a little joy in their holiday season. The Ornament Cards come in a variety of shapes, including scalloped circle, poinsettia, vintage, or snowflake. Each shape emphasizes the design selected and offers a unique format from the traditional rectangular card shape. Some of the designs feature metallic foil elements which can really pop when the Christmas tree lights reflect off the foil. Family members are also likely to store your ornament card away to hang on the Christmas tree for future holiday celebrations. We like to think of it as the card that keeps on giving!

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Holiday card

Greenery Ornament by Susan Moyal


Vellum (5" x 7")

The vellum format is a layered approach to presenting a Christmas card. First, choose your vellum overlay design and customize the text on the translucent sheet with your family name or a heartfelt message. Then choose your background card to accompany the vellum overlay. Strategically format the background card with your favorite photo or a special art print that will blend nicely together with the vellum overlay. Get creative on how the two cards pair together! Select a belly band design to hold the two pieces together, making for a lovely experience as soon as recipients open their envelopes.

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Holiday card

Tree Skirt by Carrie ONeal


Booklette™ (4.25" X 5.5")

At a convenient size of 4.25" X 5.5", the Booklette™ format is a one-of-a-kind product for those looking for the ultimate keepsake. The Booklette™ format includes 6 interior pages arranged in a variety of layouts and formats. This is the perfect selection if you may have had one or two monumental life events happen this year, such as a marriage, new birth, home move, retirement, or graduation. Share photos and more robust messaging about each event that your friends and family will surely enjoy reading through.

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christmas tinsel

Photo Tree by Shari Margolin


All-in-One (5.76" x 12.03")

Our all-in-one format is a fun one to interact with as a recipient. The design has a fold-over structure, so the exterior serves as an envelope while the interior includes elongated space for your Christmas message, measuring out to 5.76" x 12.03" when opened fully. Include a family recipe or photo keepsake in the perforated section of the card, which allows recipients to “tear-off" that portion to save it for future use.

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Christmas Thank You Cards (4.25" x 5.5")

Our Christmas Thank You Cards come in a delicate and unassuming size of 4.25" x 5.5". These notes of gratitude can be purchased in a variety of personalized styles. Choose to showcase beautiful winter artwork or loving family holiday photos. Each fold-over card has a blank interior, allowing you space to write a personal and heartfelt message of gratitude to each recipient. This is a perfect way to express thanks to those you love for their thoughtful Christmas gift or for sharing a wonderful holiday season with you.

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house with christmas lights

Main Street by Julie Murray


When planning your Christmas card size and format, you may also have questions regarding the envelope size it should be enclosed in. The chart below will hopefully make life a little easier for you! Please keep in mind that the petite, classic, grand, ornament, vellum, and booklette™ formats all include free white envelopes with your order.

Card Format

Card Size (in.)

Envelope Size (in.)

Envelope Size (alphanumeric)


4.25" x 6"

N/A (Self-covered)

N/A (Self-covered)


4.25" x 6"

4.25" x 6"

N/A (Non-standard)


5" x 7"

5.25" x 7.35"



6" x 8"

6" x 8.375"

N/A (Non-standard)


5.25" x 5.25"

5.5" x 5.5"

N/A (Non-standard)

Vellum Overlay

5" x 7"

5.25" x 7.25"



4.25" X 5.5"

4.5 x 6.25"

N/A (Non-standard)


5.76" x 12.03"

N/A (Self-covered)

N/A (Self-covered)


Once you’ve figured out the appropriate card and envelope size, it’s time to shift your attention to the many ways you can make your envelope stand out from the stack. Consider some of these options:

  • Envelope color: If you’re interested in more festive envelopes, upgrade your white envelope for one colored ruby, spruce, silver, aubergine, speckletone kraft, emerald, grey mist, navy, cloud blue, black, or antique rose. Add a splash of color to their mailbox!
  • Decorative liners: Keep the anticipation high as your recipients open your envelope to reveal a patterned or metallic foil liner. We recommend an envelope liner design that matches the look of your card during the final stages of the card customization process.
  • Professional recipient address labeling: Why fuss with hand-writing each recipient's address, especially if your penmanship could use some work? Pick an addressing style featuring coordinated holiday imagery and Minted will print a different address on each of your envelopes for free!
holiday envelope
  • Unique return address options: Explore our Skinnywrap™ offering as a new and fresh way to both seal your envelope closed and advertise your home address. These 7.25” adhesive labels wrap around the left corner of your card and can be personalized with custom designs, text, and even personal imagery. Or, apply Minted’s printed return addressing to the back of your envelope.
  • Wax seals: Add the final touch to your card by adding a timeless wax seal to the back of the envelope. These classic seals are an old tradition brought to life with a modern twist. Simply remove the adhesive covering from the back of the wax seal and press it onto the envelope. Seals can be ordered in a number of colors and patterns.
holiday envelope


Now that you are more familiar with the various Christmas card sizes and envelope options, it’s time to begin planning your holiday card! There are many things to keep in mind when planning your cards, so we put together a 7-step list to help you get started:

  • 1. Plan your holiday photo setting and theme: The holidays always seem to come faster than expected, so it’s a good rule of thumb to start planning your Christmas photoshoot in advance! The first step is to consider what sort of location or theme you’d like for your photo shoot. This year will be tricky with social distancing norms around the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can always keep it cozy with an at-home photo shoot or a fun, socially distanced family photo in a local park. Bring your phone or professional camera, a tripod if you have one, and put that self-timer to use!
  • 2. Choose your attire: Consider what sort of attire you’d like to wear in your family photo. Depending on how many people will be involved, your best bet is to coordinate outfits to achieve an overall cohesive look. Think about how small details like earrings, a bow tie, or colored socks can add a fun dimension to your wardrobe selection.
holiday card

Deck the New Halls by Erica Krystek

  • 3. Take a collection of photos: Don’t be shy snapping photos! You have put in the legwork to get the whole family looking good so experiment with different poses, angles, and arrangements. Take some pictures landscape-oriented and portrait-oriented so you have plenty of options available when it comes time to create your card.
  • 4. Create your cards: Minted has thousands of unique designs to choose from, all created by independent artists from around the world. Our easy-to-use online tools allow you to incorporate your family pictures, change color schemes, and add your own greeting with ease! Need help composing your message? You may want to read through our post on popular Christmas card sayings, wishes, and quotes.
Holiday card

Insta-grid by Dawn Jasper

  • 5. Finalize your Christmas card list: Give yourself ample time to create a list, this way you don’t forget anyone important! This year, because of country-wide “work from home” orders, many of your friends and family members may be living in a new location. Take advantage of our Adress Assistant tool, where you can load each of your recipient’s mailing addresses for future use. We even have a feature that will stylistically email your friends to collect their address on your behalf. Want to make sure you haven’t left anyone important off your list this year? Reference our post on who to send Christmas cards to just to be safe!
  • 6. Mail your cards: Aim to have your Christmas cards in the mail 3 weeks prior to Christmas, which is December 4th. Remember that if you have any international recipients, you should drop those envelopes in the mail 4 weeks in advance.
  • 7. Keep a few extra cards: As you’re ordering your cards, it’s always good to order a few extra. This way, if you think of another person to send a card to, you’ll have some on hand! It’s also great to have a few cards that you can keep as a keepsake to look back on every year.
Holiday card

Evergreen Variety by Alethea and Ruth

These are just a few key things to keep in mind when planning your cards. Visit our Best 2021 Christmas Preparation Checklist for more ways to stay organized for the holiday season.